Humaran Records of Earth

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Humaran Records of Earth

Post by Fleetwolf on Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:02 pm

Subject: Logan’s Matrix
Time Stamp: 10.22.0001AW (Post Nuclear Winter. Approximately 3040AD)

”Ash. Ash and more ash cover what was once humanity. Ash has many trace elements found within almost every living being. Ironic that the evolutionary wonder child of ash, Homo-Sapiens, built many wondrous things that every living creature on Earth was in awe of. Irony that Homo-Sapiens built the very things that made the ash rain down for thirty five years bringing the bite of a winter only the dinosaurs were privy to feeling. Further Irony that most of our funeral rites are now our opening ceremony chants. . . Ash to Ash, Dust to Dust, Children of Wars, We Turn Eyes to Stars, Ash to Ash, Dust to Dust, Escape Our Floating Coffin, We Must.” ~Geneticist Logan Radgramon

The horror of war was seared upon the minds of Earth’s last surviving colonies. World War IV would do that to every living creature on Earth. Nuclear craters pockmark every continent; large swaths of land have sunk bellow the irradiated oceans now full of rotting life. The remaining devastation saturated our lands with enough radioactive isotopes to last more generations than we will see live. Most of mankind regrouped on what was left of the Australian continent; in such a gathering the typical hatred, bigotry, violence, greed and murder that plagued humankind were all stripped from minds and hearts steeped in the severity of war. We were left with nothing but demise, horror, survival and somewhere in the darkness, hope gasped with thread bare life.

Our hope was found in the scientific breakthroughs of mankind that were banned during the Genetic Purge of 2750AD (Pre-WWIV). Grand Pope Louisten Gredorie proclaimed that any human mutated or augmented from their natural, God given DNA was not of God, but of the Devil. These heathens were to be eradicated from the face of the Earth; the ‘Devil’s’ science be put to the torch and rendered extinct. A new dark age had come from that decree ushering in a regression of mentality. Zealots, lobbyists and politicians backed the Grand Pope. Science faltered, cures for every disease and genetic defect found under the sun were destroyed, health care was set back to the early 20th century, and all genetic progress seemed decimated, almost.

Mankind as a whole was all too familiar with the cycle of societal sects that could destroy achievements sparked from the burning light of short sighted zealots; a growing group of scientists and advocates simply known as the Knights of Aethar, rumored to have formed in 1985AD established an underground network of storage facilities around 2030AD (Scientific Renaissance) and called the network of vaults, living quarters and industry, Terra Exodae. It is here, at Terra Exodae, as the nuclear winter blows radioactive ash over the husk of humanity and nature that we found it. What did we find? We had found our hope clutching a double edged sword for our continued survival on this cold world floating in the black void of space; salvation at the hands of mankind playing God with DNA.

Geneticist Logan Radgramon had been working on solving the dilemma of how mankind was to survive in the radioactive waste lands we had created. The answer to this dilemma lay locked in a research program back in 2650AD (Age of Genetic Freedom) that dealt with Mutative Viral DNA. The scope of this breakthrough is beyond a simple archival journalist to properly pen but the main gist was the breakthrough in getting Human DNA to mutate and accept DNA from any creature or plant on Earth. As once explained to us all at a public lecture:

”To elucidate this subject, Human DNA, with its standard Double Helix is filled with genetic markers like ladder rungs. In this formation it cannot readily accept new genetic markers unless the ladder is split and the markers removed. This happens during mitosis when a fetus is begun in the womb. By using Viral DNA we will be giving our DNA a third Helix strand anchored to spheres of reactive Enzymes that have been stripped from the Small Pox virus and rendered stable. This combination will allow us to create a Matrix of gene markers from different species of animals and plant life to harness their various genetic traits from the Gaia Vault. We can then create and swap out the Matrices and find the right combinations to allow us to take back our Earth. One day it may even allow us to find a new Earth; to find that mythical utopia known as Sliinkaa where all are free and equal.” ~Geneticist Logan Radgramon

There was thunderous applause at the end of his lecture. Current feelings among many of the Exodites express faith being placed heavily in the Gaia Vault as the savior of our species. It is easy to be jaded as an Archivist dealing with facts and not science. When one didn’t understand the viability of Crystal Lock Gene Samples or how they have kept us all alive being fed into the industrial sized replicators of Terra Exodae; all of our food and scrubbed air arrived from the network processors from those large machines of wonder. Once Dr. Radgramon gave his lecture, at the mere hint of needing test subjects willing to brave the first waves of test matrices within their bodies, and applauding 5,000 Exodites volunteered. It was a win/win scenario in most of our minds. One side of the coin, if the experiments worked, soon we could start cleaning up Earth or at least find a new way to live on it. The flip side, if the experiments failed, that meant 5,000 less mouths to feed, and 10,000 less lungs to fill with scrubbed air.

We were not prepared for the eighteen years of ghastly experimentation that lurched by with a collective gasp and wheeze from Terra Exodae. The first 5,000 Exodite volunteers witnessed new ways to die or new forms of existence that begged for death. Mankind was never meant to be meshed with the DNA of animals, insects or plants. However, push on the Geneticists did until they had succeeded in reinforcing the human skeleton with strands of carbon similar to carbon fiber in the 21st century of industry. Mixed in mitochondrial pores to allow a human to intake pure carbon dioxide from the environment and convert it to oxygen directly to the lungs and the byproduct of carbon to reinforce the carbon fibers in the skeleton. A human now could hold their breath indefinitely and never die. However tests proved that a human could forget how to breathe and the lungs adhered together from lack of positive pressure keeping the delicate air sacks in the lungs separated and viable. The nervous system was enhanced to allow redundant nerve centers placed among the major organs of the body giving a human a vast network of awareness allowing the mind to function faster and the body to continue to move and work for several days if the head was removed. Who know we’d soon share genetics with the average cockroach.

Year after bloody year, Dr. Radgramon explained why things failed, what things succeeded and as always asked for more willing volunteers. Terra Exodae had started with an overburdened population of 1.5 million survivors of all walks of life and ethnicity. We were now down to just over a million survivors. 100,000 souls braved the experiments, 400,000 more died from either starvation or the needed ‘Living Purge’ to reduce the strain on the replicators. So many lives were paid to acquire our new salvation, humorously dubbed Logan’s Matrix.

DNA rewiring was a live hell and an endless nightmare for any person already born. It was a 50/50 chance when you were shoved into an induced coma that you’d either wake up or never wake up at all. Your body went through a pupae stage like butterflies, remolding, oozing, creaking, breaking and ejecting organic matter as the DNA was rewritten. Logan’s Matrix sped up evolution’s perfect method like a rabbit on Meth. Logan’s Matrix weeded out the sickly, the genetically frail and anyone that wouldn’t be compatible with a wide variety of genetics. We now look upon our irradiated Earth, the first time we’d seen the light of the sun in 35 years, as a new species of human; we here Humaran. Ethnic diversity was gone and the hatreds bred from genetic defects and mental retardations had vanished. Upon the white powdered remnants of Earth, 600,000 Humarans spread upon the world in a new hope to reclaim home.

~Jeffery Butel, ex-Human, Humaran, Terra Exodae Archivist, 8th Order of the Word~


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Narafte Project

Post by Fleetwolf on Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:08 pm

Subject: Narafte Project
Time Stamp: 4.16.0220AW (Age of Repopulation 0001AW – 0220AW)

”Evolution brought all manner of beast, plant and man from the ooze of the Earth’s womb and the raw elements within with patience and time to spare. Mankind improved upon evolution and brought all manner of wonder and horror from the Mind’s womb with time running out.” ~Geneticist Logan Radgramon, Chief of Science, New Australia

The Narafte Project spanned from 0050AW to 0220AW, was inspired by Rabdul Narafte. He asked two simple questions: ”If we can survive a world now fully irradiated, can we survive the world in better comfort? If we can survive in better comfort, would we survive in space?” Geneticist Logan Radgramon was soon beset with wave after wave of New Territory of Earth (N.T.E.) meetings asking for the Logan’s Matrix to be adapted beyond the simple practicality of surviving short runs out into the dead world. The Narafte Project was a milestone in pushing the Logan’s Matrix from simply making mankind into the Humaran species that now lived in a radioactive land, to a heavily augmented Humaran that can be tasked with everything from menial labor to military combat and even space exploration.

What a Pandora’s Box that we opened. During this expanse of genetic experimentation, Humarans could now have their muscles doubled; their bones enlarged and made denser; massive digging claws could be had to aid in excavating and construction. Many Humarans took to accepting modifications to improve their agility from various felines, climbing or self defense with retractable claws in their fingers, better vision from various predatory birds as well as various plant properties and sea creatures to handle the crushing weight of pressure from space.

However, the most carnal pleasures locked in the darkness of mans mind be it Human or Humaran came to the fore front to seize upon this gift of gene manipulation. Tastes grew exotic and strange for procreation. Castes had begun to form based on what matrices you had that subjected you to specific labor and life during the Deluwith Debate of 0115AW. Humaran society was now broken into ranking based on your genetic matrices and potential for survival and ruling prowess. Last but not least, with the ability to adapt many abilities and physical weapons of the natural hunters from a world no longer supporting nature, war had grown close, bloody and gruesome like the days of the Roman Empire. As Humarans multiplied and reclaimed more of the world, restoring small portions of ancient civilization and technology, the old ways of squabbling, hording and wars resurfaced. As Humarans began to tread the well beaten paths of their fore fathers, the Humans, others turned eyes for the stars in hopes to escape it all and start anew.

~Carol Bramel, ex-Human, Humaran-Sage Upgrade, Terra Exodae Archivist, 5th Order of the Word~

Taken from the personal logs of Logan Radgramon: (9.24.0219AW)

”Oh I was mad to think that my triumph with the Logan’s Matrix would solve our problems. We won a small battle in the war on extinction but at what cost? The treatments worked well letting us take back the planet but we could never anticipate the hunger to use it to make life more entertaining, more gruesome or more sedate from the recreation of slave labor. What I had thought would be the end of such savagery from our Human ancestors and their wars that destroyed the planet had simply slumbered in the new Humarans. Now awake, the nightmares have found new playgrounds to haunt.

A positive note about our continued existence is that the Logan’s Matrix and the various gene matrices has extended our life spans for unusually long periods of time allowing our bodies to survive better and use nutrients more efficiently. No one has died yet of natural causes in nearly three centuries. Time seemed to stop on our bodies and age no longer seemed to apply. A Godsend many thought, why fear death from growing old when the only means now were death by industrial accident, mutant mutilation, murder or blood sport.”

~ Geneticist Logan Radgramon, Chief of Science, New Australia~


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A.C.E. Project

Post by Fleetwolf on Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:28 pm

Subject: A.C.E. Project
Time Stamp: 10.15.550AW (2nd Age of Industrial Revolution 0230–0550AW)

”Mankind once touched the Moon and walked her dusty corpse. They took bold steps to circle around our Mother Earth like angels in the night, among the sea of stars. Mankind was just one step from prime apes. Humarans are leagues ahead of Mankind. Man touched the Moon, but we will touch the stars!” ~Rabdul Narafte, Astro-Physicist, Keeper of the N.A.S.A. Archives, A.C.E. Pioneer

”The gods once challenged a man to greatness; dangled the wonders and glories of the heavens before his nose and the awesomeness of being on high. So Icarus built his wings of wax and feathers and dared to do what no other man could do. Reach out and touch the gods to only crash back upon the Earth in folly. We have ships of metal and wings of rocket fuel. Like Icarus, we reach for the gods and hope to crash upon the planets of the divine.” ~Joseph Phoenix, Space Engineer, Assistant Keeper of the N.A.S.A. Archives, A.C.E. Pioneer

We had trapped ourselves on a mausoleum of what was once Earth reclaiming the husks of former nations to live in houses that still radiated with deadly radiation that we could hear it clack and rattle in our own modified hearing. Slow headway was made in reclaiming old Australia from the radioactive ash. On 12.25.0250AW the New Australia Territories was formed. What was left of North and South America was surveyed in 0260AW. The Argeno-Brazillia Territories were soon founded on 6.4.0270AW upon what was left of old Brazil after the Mutant Purge of 0265AW. The New World Territories formed on 7.11.0345AW on the only land left above sea level; old Colorado, old Kansas, old Oklahoma, A fraction of old Texas, old New Mexico, old Nebraska, old Wyoming. On 8.10.0380AW the Oregonia Territories formed on the island made of old Oregon and old Washington.

During the span of 0450AW to 0500AW trade meetings of the New Territories of Earth (N.T.E.), expeditions were promised to push into what was left of old Europe and old China to report what was left and available to colonize. These expeditions were known as the Eastern Horizon Exploration Promise that brought in three new territories. The Saxon Coalition of old United Kingdom, old Ireland and the remnants of old France was founded on 3.13.0510AW. The Tundra Union of vast radioactive wastelands of old Russia, old Mongolia and parts of old China was founded on 11.19.0520AW. The Horizon Territories was by far the most prolific addition made up of old Japan, old Philippines, old Indonesia and most of old South Africa which was all that remained after the Continental Shift of 0525AW sunk most of Africa below the murky ocean waters. The Horizon Territories finally joined the New Territories of Earth on 1.20.0550AW.

With such a rapid expansion of Humarankind and fearing the possibilities of conflicts erupting even given the best intentions and nightmares of WWIV, the N.T.E. Trade Meeting of 2.10.0550AW that recognized the joining of the Horizon Territories and bringing an end to the Eastern Horizon Exploration Promise enacted a worldwide petition for all territories to sign. The Bare Arms Pact of 0550AW was signed by all seven territories (New World, Oregonia, Argeno-Brazillia, New Australia, Saxon Coalition, Tundra Union and Horizon Territories). The Bare Arms Pact stated that any violent conflicts between Humaran territories would only be conducted by the savage fighting of hands, claws or teeth and that any fire arms of any kind were to be accounted for, ammunition reported and their uses relegated to city defense during mutant attacks and not to be seen on the field of battle against other Humarans.

For all of our efforts though, vast archives to access and the tools and technology we had saved from mankind’s stupidity, the peace pact and expansions out in the world for living, we had come to realize the wars of old had put Earth on permanent life support. We continued to rely on the industrial sized replicators of Terra Exodae for all of our food and water. Any creatures still alive or edible are so mutated and irradiated that they would consign the eater to a lengthy and painful death. For all the use of the Logan’s Matrix, no gene combination that was healthy and sustainable could allow Humarans to eat irradiated food or drink irradiated water. We can handle the toxic air but only for so long before having to breathe scrubbed air from respirators.

Several industrial replicators were constructed in Argen-Brazillia and the New World Territories received their own replicators in five more years. Natural resources in the form of minerals, metals and more are harvested, processed and put into building new infrastructures, the hardening process introduced into Humaran DNA made resisting radiation saturated grounds and buildings easy to live in. But this was all a fools’ game. We could only delay the coming dilemma. Without a new means of edible foods, the gene samples we have will eventually wear out from the heavy uses we’ve placed on them. Our one and true hope now for survival is to leave our planetary prison and hope to find new worlds to live on or terraform to suit our needs.

That hope rested on Rabdul Narafte in answer to his questions about making Humarans resilient in space. He was a brilliant astro-physicist who poured over the N.A.S.A. archives and attempted to recreate manned flight and space travel. It’s been one hundred and fifty years and we now have flight restored back to us like neglectful teens being handed a license once more after abusing the privilege to drive. Several unmanned flights into space had been successful fifty years later as Rabdul Narafte engineered a new, stable fuel source proving a less chaotic reaction than the liquid rocket fuel of our ancestors. Seven orbital flights on three space shuttles, N.T.E. Hope, N.T.E. Horizon and N.T.E. Oedipus went up to test how space affected our new Humaran attributes.

The initial stress tests and zero-g analysis show extreme promise. Perhaps a few more adjustments to the Humaran DNA Matrix using cuttlefish and particular frog strains and we could endure space and set our eyes on a new home. A dedicated team of engineers picked by Rabdul Narafte and lead by Jeremy Phoenix, Narafte’s protégé set out to work on designing terraforming technology to make any planet we found to be inhabitable by Humarans. This dream and ambition was funded generously by Delutek, a company started by Robert Deluwith capitalizing on the skills of many survivors that could use replicators to handle the finer pieces of technology and circuitry. It was hypothesized that with samples from the Gaia Vault loaded onto say, a colonizing ship any planet or planetoid would let us survive. Thus began Joseph Phoenix’s dream on 5.12.0540 AW. The Adaptive Colonization from Earth (A.C.E.) ship was set into motion to be designed. The A.C.E. ships were to take in, ferry and deposit Humarans among the stars to continue living in many new ways.

Recruitment of future colonists and flight crews for this endeavor began; preparations and training ran often side by side all the while this dream ship was designed, built and tested. To date, 100,000 future colonists out of Earth’s growing population of 3.5 million Humarans are ready to venture into space for new homes. Headway continued on adapting, expanding and improving the N.T.E. space shuttle designs to help establish satellites and orbiting training centers for the A.C.E. Ships. Regretfully at the time of this entry, Joseph Phoenix will never see the stars up close or walk upon a new Earth. He was killed on 11.2.0550AW when an industrial replicator blew. Investigations proved sabotage. Some things never die in a species regardless of how many face lifts it receives. The urge to have and hold power and to deny freedom is strong in Humarans just as it was in Humans. War had begun in earnest. Humanity rears its ugly head again.

~Andrew Herwitz, Humaran-Sage Upgrade, Terra Exodae Archivist, 3rd Order of the Word~


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N.T.E. Civil Wars

Post by Fleetwolf on Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:29 pm

Subject: N.T.E. Civil Wars
Time Stamp: 6.30.0690AW (N.T.E. Civil Wars 0580–0690AW)

~Blood. Blood ran through the valleys of ash and mingled with irradiated water. Blood spattered everything from Humaran flesh to baked rocks and bones. War came and we paid for peace in blood.~ Captain Xerilal Bolten, Humaran-Western Dragon/Icarus Upgrade, 5th Brigade, Dragoon Militia of old Nebraska, New World Territories

The death of Joseph Phoenix was but one act of violence of many lead by Old Texas and Old Colorado during 0550AW to 0580AW. The TexaColo militia was formed and backed by Denver Helcomb and Manister Rawlith, owners of the largest mining union in N.T.E. and they controlled seventy-five percent of all needed ore. The TexaColo militia became the first organized military force in the N.T.E. since the days of WWIV. The Helcomb/Rawlith Mining Union was the moving force behind the Terra-Firma Movement of 5.16.0575AW in which Denver Helcomb publicly stated that:

”Our path does not lie in space but here on sweet mother Earth. We have it all here and we’ll make it work. Send us out to space and we become monkeys for some other organ grinder. We stay on Earth, we’re the organ grinder and those who oppose us, and they are the monkeys.” ~Hail Terra-Firma!

No one took the Terra-Firma Movement seriously until twenty Humarans with Lion matrices stormed a supply depot in the city of Harland, Old Kansas territory, leaving the entire crew of sixty Humarans dead and the depot cleared of all wares. A burning message was left on the walls of the depot decreeing “Earth for Humarans, death for Monkeys.” ~Hail Terra-Firma! Such a message was not left unanswered. Old Kansas was the second New World Territory to raise a militia. The Kansas Scrubs Militia was formed in 6.30.0575AW.

Four brigades of Humarans modified with Lion, Tiger, Bear and Wolf matrices from the Kansas Scrubs Militia stormed into the border towns of Pine Forks and Canyon, old Colorado. This was declared the Pine Canyon Battle that happened 12.25.0575AW. On record, 1,000 TexaColo militiamen were killed by the overwhelming crush of 4,000 Kansas Scrubs militiamen, as well as 600 civilian Humarans were captured and brought into internment camps called The Barrio, just outside of Brandon city, old Kansas. Records and photos document the first conflict in what is being declared the first battle of the N.T.E. Civil Wars. Men and women were found carved up with unnatural claws, throats savaged by unusual bites and many with limbs ripped from sockets.

One of the old Colorado P.O.W.’s best summed up what she saw as:

”You… you hear about them shows our ancestors watched about predators ripping into prey and how it looks all natural. When you see Humarans…. Eyes that glow like big cats in the lights of burning buildings or flash lights; teeth unnaturally sharp and canine or feline; claws where fingers nails should be and the strength and speed of the beasts themselves all hidden in the flesh and blood we are too familiar with. People you worked with or visited once in a while biting into another man’s throat; ripping out their eyes with claws, clubbing them with heavy pipe or strangling them to death; what… beasts have our kind become?” ~Sarah Kelly, Nurse, old Colorado P.O.W.~

On 2.28.0580AW every territory on Earth started raising and mustering militias to protect their lands and invade other territories for various goals to sate their needs. Joining the ranks of militia was the Dragoon militia of old Nebraska backed by Delutek on 3.15.0580AW, Silver Coyotes of old New Mexico on 5.20.0580AW, Eagles of old Wyoming on 9.26.0580AW, Frontiersmen of old Oklahoma on 12.3.0580AW, Panthers of Oregonia Territory on 2.18.0581AW, Black Mambas of Argeno-Brazilla on 7.6.0581AW, Komodos of New Australia on 10.28.0581AW, Saxon Sons of the Saxon Coalition on 4.21.0582AW, Brethren of Ice of the Tundra Union on 1.25.0583AW, and Red Sun of the Horizon Territories on 8.21.0584AW. The N.T.E. Civil Wars had begun and the once recovering world plunged back into the nightmares of war. Out of the many battles fought, several are of note.

The Crater Valley Battle in old New Mexico on 1.25.0585AW is recorded as the bloodiest hand to hand conflict in the N.T.E. Civil Wars. A clash between 8 brigades from the TexaColo militia met head on with 8 brigades of Silver Coyote militia of old New Mexico claiming 15,000 Humaran military lives over three days of extreme heat. The sheer savagery witnessed by soldiers and civilians alone was enough to cause an epidemic of suicide that claimed an additional 1,000 Humaran civilian lives. Battle ground footage showed the carnage left over from the battle, bodies shredded, mauled, mangled and dismembered. It was the Pine Canyon battle all over again except investigators and medical personnel found evidence of many of the bodies being gnawed on and eaten, the bite patterns fitting Humaran jaws and teeth of those with the ‘Battle Matrices’. A growing disease of Humarankind was rumors spread that the predator genes were turning militiamen into the very animals they took the genetic skills from mentally.

The Last Stand of Fort Ponca in old Oklahoma on 9.21.0590AW ushered in the emergence of weapons on the battlefield that were temporarily sanctioned for use after their restrictions since the Bare Arms Pact of 0550AW. The battle at Fort Ponca proved that by employing the ancient technologies of the gun reduced the drive and will to fight of unarmed militia men. The 3rd and 8th brigade of the Frontiersmen militia defended Fort Ponca from 6 brigades of the TexaColo militia. The battle was reported to last one hour. Only 500 Humaran soldiers, just half of a brigade were killed in the advancing TexaColo charge. A mere 2,000 Humarans armed with hunting rifles and replicas of M-16 Carbines held off 6,000 advancing Humarans with swords, claws and savage teeth. The N.T.E. Civil Wars appeared to have taken a collective breath and held it as those reports flooded every communications network all over Earth. While horrifying and sacrilegious to invoke the actions of the ancient wars that ruined Earth, the quick resolution of conflict and reduction of lives lost was the breaking point of the territories demanding the Bare Arms Pact to be revoked and removed.

Use of firearms spread like wild fire on 2.27.0600AW. Every N.T.E. militia was armed with the forbidden sins of their fore fathers. The Pacific Blood War of 0605AW to 0610AW between the Panther militia of Oregonia and the Komodo militia of New Australia proved that more than just fire arms had made a comeback. Naval ships that were armed with the massive guns of war now sailed the dead seas of Earth, battering each other back and forth. Over 80,000 Humaran lives and 50 naval ships were claimed during the five years of naval/land wars that ended in a stalemate between the two territories. The ability to reach out and inflict harm upon lives miles from the nearest shore was a wake up call that we had all returned the bloodthirsty call of Humans.

On 10.22.0620AW Oregonia’s Panthers assisted old Nebraska Dragoons to work out the discord between the New World Territories and created a solidified union of Oregonia Territory and New World Territories into the Northern Alliance of Freedom (N.A.F.). The Northern Alliance, directed and lead by General Zeke Deluwith turned their arms upon the closest threat to their people and resources. The Voodoo War that started on 9.13.0624AW was waged between the Northern Alliance of Freedom and the Argeno-Brazillia Black Mamba militia. The Black Mamba militia, silent until now provided a sore reminder to the Northern Alliance of Freedom that superior numbers and firearms meant little when genetic experimentation was still the in-thing for Humarans.

During that year, Humarans learned something more terrifying than war machines had appeared on Earth. It was magic. The Black Mamba’s had discovered that certain strains of Eastern Dragon DNA and a new creature they’d made, the Unicorn DNA, that their warriors could harness the radioactive energy soaked into the blackened swamps and rotting Amazonian forests to inflict harm upon the invading Northern Alliance horde. The initial conflict report from the 12th Eagles Brigade of old Wyoming is as follows:

”The 1st Lance of N.A.F. wad directed to make a push into the swamp city of Mayatempo. Three Panther Brigades of Oregonia were to make a direct siege on the walls after our brigade, the 12th Eagles of old Wyoming, used our Icarus wings to get in a good fly by and radio in the locations of key targets to the 4th Dragoon Brigade of old Nebraska for sniping and long range rocket bombardment. Me and my boys and girls did our standard fly by, our Icarus wings strong and steady, most with black and brown eagle feathers. The city walls were standard construct of granite and steel beam bracing. Sniper teams were lined up along the crenelations and some of my men had fun sniping at the teams with their lever action Winchester rifles.

I can firmly report we killed 5 snipers on our standard 15 second sweep. We lost however, 300 men and women during that sweep. I don’t know how to describe it, but some of us felt uneasy. Pressure build up in the air currents, a tingle of current on the tips of our feathers and then it struck. Arc’s of lightning from the ground that smelled like intense rain. It cooked men and women all the same as those arcs reached out from bellow to zap us. Some of the arcs danced from one person to the next. The screams of men and women falling to their deaths, the gasps of people being cooked from within and the smell of burning flesh and feathers will never leave me. I thought they’d had a Tesla Coil hidden among the many residential buildings near the wall until I saw a Humaran with eyes that sparked and a pale white horn thrusting outing of his tan forehead. One man killed 300 men and women of my brigade. What was that man?” ~Captain Clarance Hawking, Humaran-Icarus Upgrade, 12 Eagles Brigade of old Wyoming, 1st Lance of N.A.F.

Many of the commanders of the N.A.F. refused to believe that the Black Mambas had one man that could kill so easily. Further reports that year only grew more and more of men and even women that all had a singular pale white horn upon their forehead and eyes that crackled like lightning. Reports of devastating lightning strikes cooking whole brigades like giant microwaves were but one of many horrors faced in Argeno-Brazillia. The Black Mambas had soldiers with skin painted all black and white bones painted upon them wearing robes of pale white. They had no eyes and held miniature, faceless rag dolls in their hands. Anything they did to the doll happened to any man or woman that closed within 100 feet of them. Worst of them all were men that ran into battle with just loin cloths and expanded in mass and size turning into various shades of hulking giants that slammed and crushed through our ranks, tossing war machines about the battle field. Sniper teams seem the only effective course for removing these ‘magic users’ from combat. By 1.31.0625AW the Black Mambas had routed the N.A.F.’s invasion of their lands and have not been bothered by the N.A.F. again during the N.T.E. Civil Wars. Yet that conflict brought research into greater ways to kill fellow Humarans to increase the speed of winning a conflict and reducing the loss of lives. Chief among the researchers was Delutek, rushing to fill the killing needs of every Humaran soldier in the N.A.F.

On 7.15.0650AW saw the fruition of genetic experimentation to create all new enhanced Battle Matrices that rivaled all others in sheer use of our planets downfall. They were the Unicorn, Alicorn, Archangel, Liger, Juggernaut and Atlas matrices. Men and women had become radioactive furnaces, bending and using radioactive energy to affect the world and people around them in the name of war. With these new matrices, the Civil Wars intensified.

The Saxon Coalition and the Horizon Territories joined to form the Scythe of Power Alliance (S.P.A.) and they rolled into a thundering crash with New Australia on 4.28.0652AW in the War for Terra Exodae that lasted eight years. Our own militia, the Komodos had adapted some of the enhanced matrices to guard against such attacks. It was almost not enough. 80,000 lives were lost during those eight years and New Australia is still scarred deeply from power of magic users at war. The S.P.A. was turned back and Terra Exodae was saved. Had the S.P.A. won and taken Terra Exodae, the ongoing A.C.E. project may have been destroyed.

For eight years we catalogued the new devastation that the enhanced matrices could inflict on Humarankind. Unicorns were men and women that bore the classic pale white horn of the mythic beast on their foreheads. They seemed to channel radiation into condenser and conduction patterns building up static electricity and weather energy into their favored form of ‘magic’, lightning that arced through materials like a hot knife and spread like a living beast among groups of targeted soldiers. Alicorns were men and women that had the Unicorn matrices combined with Icarus wings to give them air superiority while casting magic. They seemed to channel radiation into manipulating cells of weather and barometric pressure allowing them to play weather gods and assault whole battle fields with scorching winds, freezing rains, dense blizzards or intense sunlight as well as created intense slip streams to allow them to soar like jet planes of old.

Archangels were men and women graced with Icarus wings, Unicorn matrix and a blend of wolf and cheetah matrices giving them speed, flight, sharp fangs, sharp claws, fast reaction times and lightning magic. Many considered them nightmares as magic and martial fighting were combined until the Liger’s showed up in conflict. Mostly men were selected for these matrices and the hallmarks of the Liger were protruding canines reminiscent of the saber toothed tiger genes and retractable claws from the lion genes. They had a dragon matrix within them to give them an ability to store magic thrown at them and ground it out while their bodies moved with lethal grace and speed of the saber toothed tiger and lion.

The pure mages as we call the Unicorns/Alicorns and the battle mages that we call Archangels/Ligers were nothing compared the brutality of things to come. Juggernauts were men or women that could absorb magical energy, radiation and kinetic energy from physical attacks and bullet strikes, feeding this into a Puffer Fish matrix that allowed their bodies to grow in size and mass. Juggernauts would crash through armies like a toddler through toy soldiers; bodies fly everywhere until it meets the only stopping for that could match them, Atlases. Atlases were oddly only women. They too could absorb radiation, magical attacks and kinetic energy but instead of becoming a hostile mass of moving, crushing and raging Humaran, they began hulking shields of mass that can stop two Juggernauts with ease.

On 3.11.0680AW the Axis of Brotherhood (A.B.) was formed between the Tundra Union and Argeno-Brazillia. This alliance brought about the War of the Alliances as the A.B. could strike out simultaneously at the N.A.F. and the S.P.A. to make a grab for new lands and war slaves. New Australia held its ground and remained neutral to all three alliances as the war raged for ten years. Humarankind had become so maddened with blood lust and the thrill of the fight that they had become blind to hope of leaving Earth. To most of the N.T.E. the thought was if Earth was to be their eventual grave, then why not make it a living hell and enjoy the fall to extinction. 600,000 lives were lost during the War of the Alliances. Many more were to come if it were not for one fateful morning during the icy month of August. Bellow was an eye witness report of what was seen:

”So there we were, me and fellow Ligers clustered up behind and Atlas and ready to hit a group of S.P.A. Unicorns. The suckers wouldn’t see a Liger assault popping from around a fat-assed A.B. Atlas. The chick was a looker but damn, the curves she brought… what I saw? Yeah. Right. Back to the point. So we are ready to spring on them, waiting for our captain to yell the kill order. He was antsy as a brigade of N.A.F. Alicorns were sweeping in from the south. We got out orders and burst from the cover of the Atlas and get knocked to our asses with a thunderclap of noise. I thought we got hit by an Alicorn or maybe a Juggernaut cannon balled the next sector. That is when I looked to the sky and saw it. A massively fat ship that rocketed into the sky. This thing was bigger than them old N.T.E. shuttles we watched on videos in school. No one around us was moving either. We all just looked to the sky and watched as the ship vanished into the clouds and vanished. Then a second thunder clap dropped us all again and another ship rocketed out as well. The bearings would have put them from New Australia, maybe even that vault place, Terra Exodae. It didn’t matter though, the wars were over. We all got called to retreat about an hour after those ships launched. I guess we can go home.” Corporal Steven Linkity, Humaran-Liger Upgrade, 2nd Brethren of Ice Brigade of the Tundra Union, A.B.

On 8.13.0690AW the Advanced Colonization from Earth ships, A.C.E. Liberty and A.C.E. Queen were launched into space on a course for the Taurus Constellation to begin the dream of making new homes for Humarans. Launched across all communications networks was a live broadcast of Geneticist Logan Radgramon. Here was his public address:

”Humarans of the New Territories of Earth. You all know me as Dr. Logan Radgramon; some have even called me the devil while others call me God. You all bore witness to hope for our species. Two hours ago, we launched from Terra Exodae the first two colonization ships, the A.C.E. Liberty and the A.C.E. Queen into space. They are on course for two solar systems in the Taurus constellation with a mission to terraform new Earths for us to live on. We finally have our key to freedom from this dead planet and I would offer it to anyone that isn’t caught up in this stupid cycle of violence and death. If Humarans want a chance to live out, among the stars, then I want all of the alliances to listen very closely to my demands.

First of all, disband your militias and put your enhanced war matrices to the fire.
Second of all, disband your alliances and swear allegiance to me and Terra Exodae as the new ruling power for the N.T.E.
Third and last of all, if you do not listen to these two demands I will have no qualms launching a third colony ship so I can watch you all die from above.

At this moment, pointed at every territory in the three alliances are I.B.M.’s with enough payload to scorch your lands clean of all you’re stupidity. They will erase your efforts, your families, your DNA and your work. So, Humarans of Earth, you have my demands and an offer of new hope. Choose. Hope or Destruction.” ~Geneticist Logan Radgramon

It wasn’t much of a choice. We all chose hope and lived. The world had changed rapidly from a war machine to one of tense peace and cooperative teamwork. Logan Radgramon was made into the President of the New Territories of Earth on 5.21.0695AW. The Deluwith family, by this time in the upper echelons of society offered to back his rise to power as long as he allowed their family to retain their war matrices for further study and research. By 9.28.0699AW all Advanced Battle Matrices had been successfully removed from most N.T.E. troops, many were allowed to retain the basic Battle Matrices and those that were not cooperative were executed on the spot. So with one final act of bloodshed and the world held hostage by further nuclear destruction, we watched and hoped that peace would last.

~Billy Tigwin, Humaran-Sage Upgrade, Terra Exodae Archivist, 1st Order of the Word~


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Adaptive Colonization from Earth (A.C.E.)

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Subject: Adaptive Colonization from Earth
Time Stamp: 1.23.0800AW (2nd Space Age 0700AW-1100AW)

~Hope fills my heart like the ignition of volatile liquids fills the launch pads of freedom. Dreams now float and coalesce like the galaxies at our fingertips. May our eyes shine as bright as new suns in the cold depths of space.~ Grace Brin, Astronomic Navigations, A.C.E. Logan’s Dream

The Second Space Age, a time Humarans thought they’d never see again; hover cars, airplanes and sub orbital flights that now made travelling the globe as easy as breathing or a new horizon to teach classes of children the reality of space. With the launch of A.C.E. Liberty and A.C.E. Queen for the Taurus Constellation, 100,000 brave Humaran souls had stepped out of the barbaric eras of survival and into a dance of life and survival among the stars. On 7.30.0740AW the A.C.E. Romana and the A.C.E. Amsterdam took 200,000 Humaran souls into flight for the Cancer Constellation. On 8.15.0880AW the largest ships built to date, the A.C.E. Logan’s Dream, the A.C.E. Phoenix and the A.C.E. Schrodinger were moved up to a hurried launch as Humaran riots erupted across the N.T.E. 800,000 Humaran souls were sent into space on the Logan’s Dream, the Phoenix and the Schrodinger. These three would be the last A.C.E. ships to be launched.

On 12.9.0880AW President Radgramon of the New Territories of Earth was drug from his presidential home in New Australia and executed for crimes against Humarans and Human kind for his centuries of experimentation. Terra Exodae was captured on 05.19.0885AW and the space program was shifted into technologies that could clean up the radioactive wastes of Earth as well as new transport ships to meet up with the new space colonies once they were established. Amidst all of the turmoil and marvels of the 2nd Space Age, we will not forget many of us were not rebels, not politicians, not mad scientist. Many of us just wanted to live and enjoy our lives. Below is one example of this yearning, need and randomness in a life full of predetermined genetics and futures.

~Ramona Killim, Humaran-Sage Upgrade, Terra Exodae Archivist, 4th Order of the Word~

Taken from the Letters of Grace Brin to her mother Cary Brin during the final year of the A.C.E. Program:

Dear Mom,
I finally did it! I made Astronomic Navigator 1st Class! I checked the rosters at the Academy. Can you believe it? You’re little girl made tops in her class and now the Academy of Space Colonization is sending their brightest pupil on the largest ship Terra Exodae has built. That’s right mom, I got assigned to the A.C.E. Logan’s Dream and I get to bring my family with me to our destination free of charge! We’ll be bound for the Ursa Major system! But don’t worry; the launch date won’t be until after graduation on 3.28.0881AW. I’ll get time to chat with you all as we get things packed up. Mission orientation isn’t until 4.10.0880AW.

I’m so excited to be out in the stars again. Our Space Tour didn’t last nearly long enough on the N.T.E. Ardmore, but then again, those MK10 Shuttles weren’t meant to hold a class of 500 for more than 2 weeks in orbit. You should have felt what it’s like to be weightless in space! The stars were very bright too. We all got to take turns watching the orbit patterns of A.C.E. Liberty and A.C.E. Queen as they circle their planets in the Taurus Constellation.

Have you heard yet from Milo? Did he make it back from boot camp on Oregonia Island? I hope they don’t rough him up too much. He was never good with his temper and I read that the N.T.E. Militia isn’t very tolerant of short tempers. Oh, I did meet a hunk at the Academy. He’s got a 5.0 GPA and his family sprung for an actual Icarus matrix. He’s studying in Aerial Surveys and Aero Combat so he can get in for either Planetary Survey on the A.C.E. Phoenix or be up for top picks for the New World Militia’s fly boys. He’s got a great wingspan; they almost measure the span of a gryphon. The fawn brown feathers go well with his tan skin and brown eyes. Maybe you can meet him during my trip home! I haven’t seen Oak Creek in a long time. Hope old Wyoming is still staying the same?

I need to end this letter mom, the mail drones are about to go out. Take care and make sure you get the kitchen replicator checked out. Dad said he keeps finding screws in his oatmeal.

In Love,
Your Daughter,
Grace Brin, Astronomic Navigator 1st Class of the A.C.E. Logan’s Dream

Dear Grace,
We knew you’d make it at the Academy with how you loved watching your father’s old Navigation videos. Congratulations on getting tops in your study, your father is happy to hear you succeeded in following in his footsteps. He only made it to 3rd Class Astronomic Navigator and is glad he gets to boast about his daughter hitting 1st Class to the other shuttle veterans. Those men get into a lot of gossip and trouble at the Hangar 15 Bar & Grill. I do hope this letter reaches you before your trip out here in June. We had a rather nasty blizzard blow through Old Wyoming and the mail drones were grounded for a few weeks.

Milo did really well; he passed boot camp and is a top notch Infantryman for the 81st Eagles Brigade. He’ll get his Icarus matrix after more evaluation. You’re brother misses you a lot and can’t wait to see you during your visit home from New Australia. Oh, he wants to know if Mary Linol is still up at the Academy and if she passed her Deep Space Psychiatry degree? I think he still has a thing for her and that Cheetah matrix she got to give her those fake curves and way too many freckles in my opinion.

We did get the replicator checked out. Get this, the technician told us the printing matrix was getting feedback interference from the condo’s going up next to us. That’s why we keep getting screws in our food. Your father even found a partial wrench in the meatloaf! And he said he’s very interested in meeting this Icarus Fly Boy you’ve met at the Academy. Does he have a name besides, tall, tan and a great wingspan?

That said your visit home may be the last one here in Oak Creek. Don’t take this too hard Grace; it’s not that we are worried about our dwindling retirement stipend or the rationing of the replicator samples. We are looking at moving to New Australia to be closer to you and to get away from trouble that’s brewing. The Anti-Genetics movement is picking up more here and the Wyoming Militia is stirring and gearing up for riot suppression. They want the stop of further genetic study and for technology to shift from space exploration to radiation clean up and neutralization. If they’d go to the free schools they’d know we still have five more centuries to go before the radioactive isotopes from WWIV will fade, not to mention another six centuries from the fall out the Scotland Reactor Failure caused when that relic blew on reactivation. But they won’t listen to any rhyme or reason. Your father and I are worried that a battle may kick up if President Logan Radgramon wins his third term of presidency for the New Territories of Earth. He’s still adamant that genetic mutation is a must until we can colonize a new planet and that all hostilities and protests are put down with a firm hand.

Maybe you’ve heard this by now by optic net, but the A.C.E. Liberty and A.C.E. Queen finally finished the terraforming in the Taurus Constellation. They are finally letting the colonists down planet side to live after 200 years of stasis sleep. I can’t tell you how lucky we are to have free tickets aboard the Logan’s Dream with you. Oh and we also heard the A.C.E. Romana and the A.C.E. Amsterdam have finally reached the Cancer Constellation. Your father is heading into town for some more replicator rations and a new pot for your snap roses. Kids next door keep line driving their baseballs into our porch. I love and miss you lots Grace.

You Loving Mother and Father,
Cary and Dennis Brin

Dear Mom,
I got you letter on 6.20.0880AW. Rumor is going around that the mail drones are being delayed on purpose while the N.T.E. Militia rifles for signs of plots against ancient Logan Radgramon. I’ve had to cancel my trip home mom. The Academy is advising us all that the Logan’s Dream may be launching earlier than anticipated. They’ve told us all of our families will be transported to New Australia to be readied for departure. Milo is already here as part of the Militia envoy to be sent along to keep us safe from alien life forms.

Graduation went well. I got a 4.8 GPA and made Honors for Victor-Alpha-Kappa. I got to go on the Pearl Slipper out in the Pacific Ocean for our Honor dinner. Never knew they could make such rich and fancy food with replicators. The Icarus Fly Boy, as dad calls him, has a name for sure; Brad Phoenix. He’s like the great nephew of Joseph Phoenix so his whole family is loaded. Wouldn’t be great if I got hooked up with him? You and dad could retire for a few centuries in luxury. Brad got to sit by me at the Honor Dinner. He’s such a gentlemen if not a bit puckish with his food. He made the Aerial Survey team and will be on the Logan’s Dream with me. A long space flight could be kind of romantic for us both. Maybe hook up and share a few years of bonding?

I do hope you and dad stay safe if riots do break out. Maybe you and dad should move out here now and just take a few things; you won’t be able to bring the whole house with you on board the Logan’s Dream. I did hear on the news that two assassination attempts were made on President Radgramon. Seems even some of the students here are dead set on wanting him out of the presidency. Mail call is coming. I hope to see you both down here soon. Milo and I miss you both.

Milo and Grace Brin, Your son and daughter.

To Grace and Milo Brin;

Dear Citizens of the New Territories of Earth,

We a sorry to inform you that Cary Brin and Dennis Brin, your biological parents have been found among the numbers of the Oak Creek Massacre in Old Wyoming on 7.15.0880AW. Rest assured they were not found to be part of the rioting rabble known as the Anti-Genetics Movement. Eye witnesses place them simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. All of their affects have been claimed and recycled for use in replicators during this time of shortage. Any assets have been turned over to your accounts; our deepest condolences for your loss.

Ministry of Statistics and Population Control,
Gerald Dirk, Assistant Aide


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Re: Humaran Records of Earth

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