Trinity in the Shadows

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Trinity in the Shadows

Post by Fleetwolf on Sat Jul 15, 2017 11:44 am

(Work in Progress)

Trinity in the Shadows:

As more work is done with the timelines and some role play in the Lupinoss setting is done, a lot of the oddities or reoccurring themes and events in the history of Lupinoss could be attributed to three secretive groups that have yet to be mentioned in the historical records.

I submit here, a working note for the groups together to keep track of their Symbiotic/Parasitic cycles within the nation of Lupinoss and some of their agendas.

The three groups that have remained deeply in the shadows are the Silver Council, the Faan Templars and Solaris. These groups did not venture into public politics and outright public displays of power until the last era of Lupinoss where unity and peace was more prevalent creating a vacuum for the power wrestling groups to vie for control.

Faan Templars:
The Faan Templars, a multi sect organization owing loyalty and oath to an ancient red dragonoid named Faan Spell-Stealer, is comprised of a variety of Lupinossai, dragonoids and other creatures from across Sliinkaa.

Faan Spell-Stealer, Founder and still Active Leader, was chased from his volcanic lands and presumed dead by the Humaran's as they teraformed the vast swaths of pumice and cold lava into the Islands that comprise Lupinoss. With thoughts of revenge and conquest, Faan Spell-Stealer vowed to drive the Humaran's out of his rightful territory until he saw the emergence of the first Lupinossai, a new kind of creature to Lupinoss, obedient, loyal, a powerful tool for Humaran's during a time of desperation on Sliinkaa. The Humaran effort was weak though, in disarray from the wars on other shores draining resources and command, rushing their work with this new kind of creature and Faan knew that should the Humaran's succeed, they would turn the tide of wars and rule the planet.

Faan set about establishing the Faan Templars, recruiting at first many other species from the various nations of Sliinkaa where possible and then making raids during military training sessions that the Lupinossai were sent into in the new lands of Lupinoss, capturing various Lupinossai to enlighten them to their plots. Since that time, the Faan Templars have grown into an organization that have played a part in interacting and shouldering the Lupinossai history and culture into paths that steered away from total worship and obedience to Humarans and into path of independence and their own wisdom.

Silver Council:
The Humaran's were not blind to the guerilla tactics and sabotages that continued to sprout up among the Lupinoss Project due to a dedicated group of Anthropomorphic rebels. Yet, due to the staggering losses their nation was facing daily on the various continents of Sliinkaa there was no way to martial a direct attack to cleanse the 'rats from the store rooms' as they'd say. Soon they'd have to withdraw, the delays by the Faan Templar forcing their hands to allow the Lupinossai to be a long term contingency in a game that would be played not in days, weeks, months or years but centuries. Yet before they could abandon the Lupinossai to the deep seated Genetic coding of military efficiency and savagery they'd developed, the continuing success of the Faan Templars would need to be handled.

During the final years, the Humarans inserted into Lupinoss several new Lupinossai Species not native to the program. Where the program started originally with Airii, Erthree and Sohltree, now many of the Lupinossai met with brothers and sisters of different appearance. They met the Dehsee, that loved the hot deserts, the Lunarnan's that kept to themselves often and stayed in the wilds in feral, four legged forms. The Reevee that could swim and breathe under water and the Woodree that could blend in with dense foliage and navigate any wilderness they encountered. Little did they know that among these four new species mutations were several with silver eyes. Silver eyes that glowed faintly, held intelligence far superior to most Lupinossai save some of the wisest Sohltree and an eerie way of commanding any that gazed into their eyes with a weaker will.

The Silver Council was brought to life in the Laboratories on the small island country of Humara, the Humarans homeland, with one driving goal. Keep the Lupinossai loyal to their Humaran creators at all cost. Once these Silvers were introduced to Lupinoss, they set their plans to motion, disrupting much of the Faan Templars raids and work, pulling and orchestrating border and pack conflicts that wiped clean any foot holds Faan Spell-Stealer had managed. They even began a selective breeding program to blend the best from each of the Lupinossai species to increase their numbers in the Silver Council and to acquire many abilities not given to them by their masters. Hybrids and mutt Silvers from failed breedings were sent out as spies. Stock not being kept for the program or their own mates were cleverly arranged as mates with key Alpha's and officials around Lupinoss to allow the Silver Council to have ears in all courts, a finger on the pulse of the whole country, and a ready knife to kill anyone that the Faan Templars had corrupted.

Everything seemed balanced and dead locked between Faan Templars and Silver Council keeping each other at a stalemate. They never anticipated that Ammy Phoenix, the creator of the Lupinossai DNA Matrices and now an AWOL and Rogue Weapon of the Humaran Military machine would appear on the shores of Lupinoss. Her arrival set waves of upheaval through the ranks of the Silver Council as she saw what was becoming of the creations she'd put her hands too for the Humarans. The Faan Templars were hesitant and unsure as well about the presence of a Humaran powerhouse on sacred land of their Active Leader, yet the creator of the same people they were sworn to protect.

Through several cunning plans and a few well placed conflicts, the Silver Council managed to convince Ammy Phoenix, through a Silver Council member named Tahmee Ehtheerahlii that Ammy had befriended, that the Humaran Military had found her and were coming to take her away as well as the Lupinossai. Through this deceit, Ammy sacrificed herself to create the Grand Shield Array that locked Lupinoss away from the outside world for several centuries, further strengthening the Silver Councils plans to reduce outside disruption to their goals. However, the Silver, Tahmee Ehtheerahlii, was so taken by Ammy Phoenix and the wisdom the Humaran woman possessed that it had opened her eyes to the truth and manipulation the Silver Council was perpetuating. She vowed the day Ammy died to erect the shield that she would make the Silver Council pay, and that the Lupinossai and the world beyond Lupinoss would know of Ammy Phoenix.

While the soul of Ammy Phoenix was dormant, locked away in a soul gem for a century in the Tower of Spiritor, Tahmee began to recruit Lupinossai to see the light, that they were created by a loving a woman that wanted so much more for them than what either their genetics urged them to do or the events set about by Faan Templars or Silver Council herded them to take part in. Somewhere along the line, a zealous member of Tahmee's group began to ask her about what Ammy Phoenix was really like. Not the flowery, uplifting praises and messages Tahmee spoke of, but the real woman.

Over a period of months that zealous member learned from Tahmee the truths that Ammy told to her, and her alone on some nights, about dreams of being something else, of places not of this world, and of being someone from the Sun. From these shared details, the zealous member took on a passion to help Tahmee with her goal to spread the word of a caring Ammy, but it had mutated to the words of the caring Amaterasu, Sun Goddess, Mother of All and those who worshiped and praised Ammy were welcome to the group called Solaris. For all who were in Solaris are blessed Solar Children of the Sun Mother.

Solarites now entered the shadowy games of controlling the Lupinossai with a goal similar to the Faan Templars but they wanted Lupinoss and all of Sliinkaa ready for the return and loving administration of the Sun Goddess.


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