Higo - Lupinoss Bloodline

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Higo - Lupinoss Bloodline

Post by Fleetwolf on Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:13 am

The Higo is an unusual cross species of Oreamnos americanus (Mountain Goat) and Equus ferus caballus (Arabian Horse). Genetically engineered by Humarans to provide as sturdy, surefooted transportation through rough and mountainous terrain. Higo's may come in several varieties depending on the bloodline developed for the territory they were intended to be used in. The Lupinoss Higo is a unique mix of Mountain Goat and Shetland Pony providing a rather smallish, horse like creature of stocky legs with deft, large cloven hooves. They are graced with the short manes of the mountain goat but the long haired tails of the horse. The head of this Higo mix is more Shetland Pony than Mountain Goat. A short coat of stiff hair covers the hide and comes in a variety of natural colors. The Lupinoss Higo was believed to be made small and of this unique mix to provide a pack animal that would not spook easily around the walking, carnivorous Lupinossai that used them daily trade and merchant work.

Lupinoss Higo:
Height from Cloven Hoof to top of Withers: 4 Feet
Usual length from nose to rump: 4 Feet
Average Healthy Weight: 500 Lbs.
Can carry up to 800 Lbs.
Average travel speed is 6 Miles an Hour at a walk, 12 Miles an Hour at a run.
Can reproduce and produce fertile offspring.
Average diets are grains, herbs, woody shrubs and grasses.


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