Jade Rose

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Jade Rose

Post by Fleetwolf on Thu Sep 14, 2017 2:46 am

The Jade Rose:

Physical Description:
The Jade Rose, unlike most rose species that grows in shrub like bushes or brambles, is germinated from a fibrous bulb that is thorny. The Jade Rose can stand to a height of two feet when in full bloom upon a semi-woody stock of near black color. The leaves and thorns upon the Jade Rose are bone white. The actual blossom of the Jade Rose itself measure to a full 8 inches in diameter when in bloom and about the size of a clenched adults fist when not in bloom.

Favored Locations:
Jade Roses prefer loamy, shade covered areas to grow in. Often found in the shadows of pine tries or the occasional thinning spruce. They thrive in cool to moderate climates and only bloom during spring time (Months of Gentyer and Storyer).

General Biochemical Effects:
The blossom and hips of the Jade Rose, when prepared properly hold the following effects upon living organisms: Regenerative Augmentation, Body Purifier, New Blood Cell Stimulant, Adrenaline Booster, Severe Psychological Effects from Pollen Inhalation, Amnesia Induction from Pollen Inhalation, Mood Lifter, Cognitive Recall Enhancer, Potential Uses with Magical Research.


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