Humaran Records of Ursa Major System

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Humaran Records of Ursa Major System

Post by Fleetwolf on Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:33 pm

Subject: Ursa Major Disaster Logs
Time Stamp: 12.23.1100AW (2nd Space Age 0700AW-1100AW)

”I left Earth in a waking dream of hope and fear. I closed my eyes to sleep on a ship formed of dreams, built by blood and tears, filled with the sleeping hopes of many. I wake to a living hell that I once thought was gone. May I prove to be a strong Captain and let my charges wake not to a hell but a dream fulfilled.” ~Ford Galand, Captain, A.C.E. Logan’s Dream, Founder of Moresh

”You never know how vast space can be. It is like the oceans back home where they seem close and familiar. No one knows how vast anything can be until you’re lost, adrift in the cold, star lit oceans of the cosmos. There was once an actor from the television shows of old that said with awe and wonder each time that they’d ‘Boldly go where no man has gone before.’ We have gone where no man has gone before and cannot find our way home again.” ~Rordin Deluwith, Captain of the A.C.E. Phoenix, Last Humaran-Alicorn, Founder of Sliinkaa

”When I was asked to spread Humarankind among the stars like a child blowing on the tufts of Dandelions, I could not imagine a more precious assignment. I see a great future for our kind rushing to greet us if we simply take our hands off the wheel and let destiny take control.” ~Samantha Green, Captain, A.C.E. Schrodinger, Founder of Inos

Log Transmission of Ford Galand, Captain, A.C.E. Logan’s Dream: (5.13.1100AW)
(Transmission Begins on Long Range Pulse)
”You never think of stasis sleep as a jail sentence until you are faced with the gnawing horrors your mind keeps locked away from light until you sleep. The dreams of whether we’d be able to launch or not; whether we’d escape the madmen of Earth or be set free to the stars; whether we’d survive the long solar sail trip to the Ursa Major system or not. I am still wondering if I am awake or not. Dreaming in stasis or really sitting at my command chair facing the terminals winking red with damage indicators. Did we all escape the hell of Earth to face our existence so ready to be destroyed? Will we ever get a break to enjoy what we had so many centuries before? I need to pull my mind together and give my report accurately to anyone that can listen to me and maybe give us hope.

This is Captain Ford Galand of the A.C.E. Logan’s Dream. We were bound for the Ursa Major System, Sector Alpha 3, Quadrant 3C and we are off course. Our sister ships, the A.C.E. Phoenix and A.C.E. Schrodinger no longer appear on our long range radar which gave out three minutes ago. I am the only officer awake at this time along with a skeleton crew of technician. Our best assessment is during our long solar sail voyage while we all slept in stasis chambers a meteorite storm impacted our ships. Our navigation arrays are out, several of the life support relays and fuel and oxygen reserves have been venting into space and all of our charts show only three planets nearby to reach for colonization. Short range communication arrays are down and long range communications are working intermittently. We have enough fuel to get into a stable orbit around a gas planet before we are empty. Terraforming will have to happen immediately to save as many of the 400,000 lives aboard this vessel in stasis sleep.

I send this message out to Earth and to my sister ships the A.C.E. Phoenix and the A.C.E. Schrodinger. We still live. We still live. Come find us when you can. Coordinates for our planet are Sector Gamma 1, Quadrant 4D, Middle Planet, Unknown Sun. Planet Designation is Moresh. Please. Come find us. This is Captain Ford Galand of the A.C.E. Logan’s Dream signing out.” (Transmission Ends on Long Range Pulse)

Log Transmission of Samantha Green, Captain, A.C.E. Schrodinger: (7.19.1100AW)
(Emergency Distress Beacon Activated)
Crackle…. Pop…. Hisss…. Crackle…. “This is Captain Green…… A.C.E. Schrodinger…… Anyone….. there? Mayday…… Mayday…… complete…… stasis unlock…… 50,000 survivors……. We are……. Somehow….. Not sure when….. location…… unknown…… A.C.E. Schrodinger has……. Crashed into planet….. anyone….. anyone….. oh my gods!” (Emergency Distress Beacon Repeats)

Log Transmissions of Rordin Deluwith, Captain of the A.C.E. Phoenix: (12.23.1100AW)
(Transmission Begins on All Frequencies)
“I am Captain Rordin Deluwith of the A.C.E. Phoenix. We have come in contact with a meteor shower and our emergency stasis system alerted us in time to avoid the majority of the shower. We’ve have to divert our course from Sector Alpha 3, Quadrant 3C of the Ursa Major system to Sector Gamma 1, Quadrant 4D of the Ursa Major System. This detour has caused us to lose contact with our sister ships, A.C.E. Logan’s Dream and the A.C.E. Schrodinger. We fear them lost. Our fuel supplies are dangerously taxed forcing my hand to select the closest planet in this quadrant to orbit and start terraforming. With any luck, all 200,000 Humaran souls aboard can call it home.

All contact with Earth has been lost. No one is responding to our signals back on Terra Exodae and we all fear that worst, that we are now on our own in space. The planet we are approaching is twice the size of Earth. This should provide ample stretching room for us to grow and forget our war torn pasts. The crew has come together to call the planet we have chosen, Sliinkaa. This is in honor of Dr. Logan Radgramon’s memory and the dream world he took with him to his grave.”

Muffled voices are heard and the sounds of boots moving about on metal floors for a span for five minutes.

“Thank the gods that may be out there. We have gotten distress calls from our sister ships. They have arrived before us in this quadrant. Logan’s Dream has set up around a gas planet next to us. They are calling it Moresh but seem unable to hear or contact us. The Schrodinger… we are unsure of. We may have lost her and her crew. The message indicates the ship has crashed and our charts show the planet to be a frigid ice planet that won’t support life. We honor those lost souls with ten minutes of silence.”

Ten minutes of silence on the transmission.

“We will send down the terraforming machines once we are in orbit. We will colonize Sliinkaa then we will find our scattered brethren and bring them together. This is Captain Rordin Deluwith of the A.C.E. Phoenix. Last Humaran-Alicorn and founder to Sliinkaa. May we all come to forget, to forgive and to live in peace. To all my brothers and sisters out there, come to Sliinkaa, we’ll leave the light on for you.”
(Transmission Ends)


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