The Dash Experiment - Fan Fiction (MLP/Lupinoss)

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The Dash Experiment - Fan Fiction (MLP/Lupinoss)

Post by Fleetwolf on Sun Oct 29, 2017 1:37 pm

Hooves crunched through blue black snow, the white misty chill of a new morning danced and swirled about her flanks. Sunlight eeked through the thin mountain air casting her usual rainbow main that glistened to flatter hues of uncertainty. Dash couldn't remember how long she'd taken the trudge through the alien snow drenched mountains that had swallowed her. The roaring echo of a sonic rain-boom gone wrong still set her nerves on fire making her thoughts ache with each step. A flicker of shadows swirled before her magenta eyes and she blinked to clear them away. The flickers were once thought an effect of the sun on the snow surrounding her, but it was memory fleeting from her mind. Laughter? The feel of friends she knew, but from where? A celebration of something grand and the bet to do a rain-boom like no other to impress an alicorn. Names and faces ran like ink from her leaving her mind cold and dark.

Dash tossed her prism blessed mane in the cold wind, the blowing bristle of coarse snowflakes against her pale indigo hide. She glanced at the dull glisten of a few flakes melting on her fore knee in slight confusion. Snow always made her cold and long for a scarf and sweet cocoa while watching from a snow cloud in a land, what was that land, Equestria her mind weakly grasped at. In this strange forest of rock and snow, she was warm and comfortable, as if summer was riding upon her back. Her head swung back to regard the guest she was carrying; a rather strange critter, a winged and feathered canine of sorts that had dug her out of the avalanche of snow and ice. Without the stranger, Dash was sure she'd have been one large hoofcicle. With a nudge of her muzzle, she settled the critter more squarely on her strong equine back. It would be very rude to dump the stranger in the snow after the help it'd given her. Dash couldn't help but wonder if this stranger was making her warm in this snow with some kind of magic? She remembered a friend, the name sliding away into the inky pain of her mind, which was fond of magic. Dash looked to the sky and knew, even in a strange land the look of a coming storm. Shelter was going to be needed, no matter how warm the critter could make them, food too. Somewhere there had to be shelter. Dash continued her plodding in the foreign land of snow and rock.


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