Myths, Legends and Mysteries

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Myths, Legends and Mysteries

Post by Raeta on Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:24 pm

Every culture and people have old stories that are anywhere from mysterious to absurd. The Murihnam make no exception to this and have many tales to tell over the course of their lives. While some were reasonable, there was others that were very far fetched and could never be proven.

The Defiant – There was one legend that stood out among many in Murihnam culture, and it was the Defiant. This was a prominently known name during the War of Kindling. During the war, bodies of the dead were left littered across the continent as there was no way to ever care for them properly. This later made unusual events where the dead seemingly came back to life and roamed around. They were anywhere between docile and extremely aggressive and were rarely understood why they existed at the time. It was said that their fur and skin had turned primarily dark green and often black, mostly mixed together.

Researchers of the time said those that they captured seemed to have fungi or plant-like features, that even when limbs were cut off that the bodies would not bleed ordinary blood, but something dark green and would almost seem as if they were trying to regenerate their limbs. Although, research on the Defiant was limited as the bodies died again over time and went back int an unresponsive state. Those that came into contact with the bodies frequently died or became mindless living people with no thoughts or emotion.

This nickname Defiant came from those that served on the fields of battle. It was referred to the ones that had died but refused to stay dead. It was believed this was one of the largest, hinted at reasons as to why the Murihnam burn their dead; in fear they'll return to kill them. There's no proof to this day of the existence of the Defiance since Operation Fire Eye likely destroyed whatever evidence once existed. Then again, with all the dead being burned it was difficult to ever see the Defiant happen.

The Metalmen – If there was another spooky entity that existed around war time, it was the Metalmen as they called them. Today they are associated as possible rogue robots that once existed from the ACE Phoenix that crashed into Nolnase or perhaps they were sent from the Humaran military as surveillance and aggressive motives.

They were rarely ever seen and their reports were very sparse, but many had said they stood upright like a Murihnam or a humaran, but were made entirely of metal. They frequently abducted various Murihnam during the war, regardless of what side they fought for and if they were soldiers or civilians. It was said they never did kill anyone outright unless they had to defend themselves, although no one ever found out what happened to the victims that were taken away. The real reason they existed to this day remains a mystery to most.

Phantom of Solnase  - Something considered more of a myth rather than a legend. The Phantom of Solnase was another story that originated during the War of Kindling. It was said to always have come after the presence of Metalmen. This Phantom was described as a female Murihnam that looked as if she had suffered great torture and had metal parts on her body, but frequently wore cloaks and other clothing to hide most of her form. She would often take children with her, and sometimes unconscious soldiers with her. The stories have said she was never afraid to kill those that stood up to her and she always gave a chance for them to run or face her wrath. Supposedly, she has only ever been seen in Solnase and nowhere else. To this day the Phantom of Solnase is more of story told to children to place fear into then and make them behave or else they'll be taken away and never seen again by the Phantom.

The Hunter – While no proof or evidence that this beast existed, there was often reports of a very large creature with wings, scales and capabilities of Flair that would hunt down certain groups of soldiers from either side, and had attacked a few scout planes that Solnase Republic had deployed during the war. Whenever it attacked, it was said to act fiercely without bias and it would win with overwhelming force to whomever it faced. However, there was reports of the creature having taken victims. Most assumed it was for it's dinner. When the wars ended the beast was never seen again. Some say it was likely a dragon, an old creature that was an accidental result from the artificial evolution created by the humarans when seeding the planet with life, but there's nothing to provide evidence for such theories. Many believe it to be a mere hallucination of those that overdosed on too much Kindling during the war. There are those that also claims that it no longer exists because a valiant group of Murihnare sought out the creature to kill it once and for all.

Nature's Voice – This is an event that has no official recorded date to how long ago it was first told.  When wandering out into the thick forests of Nolnare and Solnase there are times people hear a voice saying inaudible words. It often lures people into bad situations in the forests, although the situations vary in what happens and are never consistent. No one has ever figured out what the voice has said, but it's taken the name Nature's Voice because it only ever happens in the wild and never in cities full of people. This voice happens to this very day, although the most plausible explanation is that there may be plants with spores in the air causing hallucinations and tricking the minds of people. The possible plants causing this scenario have yet to ever be identified.


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