Humaran Records of Sliinkaa

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Humaran Records of Sliinkaa

Post by Fleetwolf on Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:34 pm

Subject: Sliinkaa Terraformed
Time Stamp: 1250AW <Sliinkaa Terraforming 1100-1250AW>

“There is no greater love for something living than having a hand in every beating pulse of water from a waterfall; touching every caress of wind upon the cheeks; holding every blade of grass between your fingers; measuring the exact distance for a happy sunset. You see a world full of people. I see a world full of life and artistry.” ~Elinor Deluwith, Last Humaran-Unicorn, Chief of Terraforming, A.C.E. Phoenix, Mother of Sliinkaa

<Phoenix Terraforming Database v2.58:>
Entity: Planet, M Class
New Data Point for Entity: Sliinkaa
Known Origin Parameters: 7,918 Mi Radius, Mass 11.944 x 10^24 Kg, 4.9035 m/s2 Gravity, Rotation Around Suns is 640 Planetary Rotations, Standard Chronographic Setting 32 Hour Day
Solar Entities: Twin Suns
New Data Point for Solar Entity 1: Leo
New Data Point for Solar Entity 2: Linus
Additional Entities: Three Moons, Two Asteroid Belts
New Data Point for Entity 1: Moon, Moresh, Logan’s Dream
New Data Point for Entity 2: Moon, Inos, Schrodinger
New Data Point for Entity 3: Moon, Arid, Uninhabitable
New Data Point for Entity 4: Asteroid Belt, Juggernauts’ Garden
New Data Point for Entity 5: Asteroid Belt, Atlas’ Train
<Database Now Updated>
<Scanning Entity Now…. Scan Complete>
<Proceed With Terraforming?: Y
<Terraforming Engaged>
<Atmosphere Stabilization ETA . . . . . . 50 Earth Years / 46 Sliinkaa Years>
<Continental Break and Oceanic Flooding . . . . . 75 Earth Years / 71 Sliinkaa Years>
<Species Integration and Genetic Resampling . . . . . 25 Earth Years / 21 Sliinkaa Years>
<Time to Planetary Colonization . . . 150 Earth years / 146 Sliinkaa Years>

Taken from the logs of Elinor Deluwith:
”I watched it develop like a fetus in a Humaran womb. An M class planet that was twice the size of earth with a wisp of fragile atmosphere over its barren rocky surface; Sliinkaa as it was named held the secret of life to it. Water was locked under the dusty rock plates of dead alien fauna and flora and that fragile atmosphere that bled oxygen and carbon dioxide into cold space. We worked for fifty years with the atmospheric plants to churn up and release stabilizing ozone, oxygen, carbon and various trace gases to support all walks of life.

As the atmosphere was stabilized and saturated to be breathable, we set our tectonic destabilizers to crack open the rock plates freeing vast oceans and setting loose a variety of continental shapes to work with over a span of seventy five years. We coaxed the new tectonic plates into a harmonious network of fissures across the planet; nudged and created mountains and volcanoes for internal planetary stress relief; combed and shaped the ocean floors like a child at play on a sandy beach. Once the atmosphere was ready and the planet terraformed to support the harboring of life, we released the gene seeds and replicants to start the adaptive phase of terraforming and culturing the planet for life for twenty five years. We never could have imagined the diversity of life our replicants would revive from the alien world and blend it with the gene samples we had sowed. Every known creature and plant we have on Earth now breaths and lives anew with added strengths and wonder from Sliinkaa’s dead inhabitants. The taxonomists are having a field day rapidly reclassifying all taxonomies and scientific names.

While I and my teams worked with the planet during the days, at night I spent most of my free time staring at the other planetary bodies around us. Sliinkaa will have abundant solar radiation from the primary yellow sun I named Leo; it reminded me of the majesty of a lion from the extinct Serengeti with majestic mane of solar flares. A cooling, more energizing silver light is shed upon the night surface of Sliinkaa by the sibling sun I named Linus; he was my silver tomcat that never survived the stasis sleep. He was like this silver sun, graceful, powerful but always content to purr in the shade and share his deep pool of calmness. Sliinkaa falls into a unique day and night pattern as the planets rotation is slower than Earth, making gravity only half of what the Earth’s rotation had provided. Sliinkaa has sixteen hour days that bask in Leo’s might and sixteen hour nights illuminated by Linus’ beauty. This slow rotation gave Sliinkaa roughly sixteen months to orbit the suns, each month consisting of an even forty days. Six months out of this year are cast in bitter winter darkness as the suns are eclipsed by Sliinkaa’s three moons.

Two of these moons have already been named before the course correction that spared our lives caused up to arrive late to the party. The closest moon, the size roughly of Earth is where we received transmissions from our sister ship, the Logan’s Dream. We have stopped receiving the transmissions from her, and if my grasp of engineering is correct this indicates a complete communication system failure of their ship. That moon was named Moresh by their captain, Ford Galand. From all observations, Moresh is a dense methane gas planet; habitable with some effort and adjusting to the Logan’s Matrices.

Between Moresh and the second moon is an asteroid belt holding several hundred thousand chunks of space debris; among that floating sea of rock, mineral and ice are mammoths of destruction, large enough to crush continents. We have taken a pool of votes and named this asteroid belt the Juggernaut’s Garden. This second moon, the farthest out to still maintain enough solar radiation for life is Inos. Inos is a planet kept in permanent snow and ice. That is where we heard a faint distress call from our other sister ship, the Schrodinger. We do not know if they lived. Our telemetry cannot view the surface very well of Inos as dense clouds shroud it in darkness.

Between Inos and the last moon is a second belt of asteroids. These asteroids are almost planetoid size, perhaps several predecessor planets not surviving their genesis orbits. The mass of them will easily deflect and absorb incoming meteors from other galaxies earning the name Atlas’ Train; I can imagine one of those battle hardened ladies to have asteroids attached to a wedding dress. Beyond Inos is the last planet, Arid. Arid is a lifeless planet that shows some promise of being heavy in minerals and ores but beyond our reach. Arid is kept in a permanent vacuum of icy death.

One hundred and fifty years have come and gone and Sliinkaa looks alive. Where barren rock once rotated unyielding to the stars vibrant plant life in hues of green, blues and reds now thrive. Thick clouds like cotton now swirl and circle in the stable atmosphere bringing shade during the day and releasing nurturing water at night. Waves now break upon beaches as life teams out of it in the hunt for daily sustenance. Winds now ripple along grasses and trees to stir birds of all types into the air. Mountain tops wear their white heads with grace as they stay to the task of breaking up the gales of wind, taming storms and bearing testament to the new world. It took us twelve thousand and fifty years to this day, but at last I can finally say that Humarans have found home once more. Oh my children who sleep in holds bellow, now is the time to wake to a new world of dreams and wonder."


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Sliinkaa Colonized Part 1

Post by Fleetwolf on Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:35 pm

Subject: Sliinkaa Colonized Part 1
Time Stamp: 0050SC, 40th of Newend, Omegase <Sliinkaa Colonized 0001-0050SC>

“And I say unto you, the nations of Humarans, that all you see upon Sliinkaa is yours to take, to use, to enjoy and to protect. Go and multiply and become like the stars of galaxy. Yet, I say unto you, no man, woman or child will be allowed to murder one another beyond the touch of naked steel in their hands and steel upon their backs for protection. Technology shall be the fruit of the gods and so shall those fruits remain in the starry heavens with the gods to bless upon you all when we decide you have earned them.“ ~Rordin Deluwith, Father of Sliinkaa, Pilot of the A.C.E. Phoenix, Keeper of Technology, God. 0001SC Planetary Broadcast to all Pilgrim Centers across Sliinkaa*

“If you gave a man a house, monthly food rations and security; he will look to you for sustenance, survival, protection and guidance indefinitely. If you gave a man land; he will build his own fortress, capture and ensnare his own serfs and slaves to work his crops, raise his own knights to protect his land and tell anyone who offers guidance and direction about his affairs, land and well being to become intimate with a grain scythe. Man was created a fickle being and fickle beings do not like severe change, such is the nature of mankind and by that very nature is the inheritance of Humarans born from the stock of man. So we must keep the Pilgrims dependent on Omni-Corporation.“ ~Jeremy Talruth, Chief of the Pilgrim Initiative, CEO of Omni-Corporation. 0005SC *Founding of Omni-Corporation*

“When people heard the phrase ‘Land Run’, they have often told me of the days of old North America, of covered wagons and settlers on mules, donkeys, horses and oxen racing with man, woman and child all driven to stake out their claims for a new life from the fetters of the old world they’d left on the East Coast. Some historians even found interest in the hot blooded disputes that erupted between land claims punctuated by the sharp pop of black powder and lead balls rending flesh and blood; the survivors becoming the victor as the losers become locked in blood feuds that run for generations as thick as the blood and the mud that mortared their homes. Such a simplistic, and in a crude retrospect, the Land Run was a nobler method that our ancestors held. Our ways of dividing and parceling out land on Sliinkaa were inhumane, sterile and covered in the stink of heavy modernization with the implementation of the Land Lottery filled with broken promises. Outraged pilgrims roared like wild fires over the planet and soon the heavy handed, bureaucratic tyranny was repaid in cold bloodshed.“ ~Sharon Inkwell, Keeper of Ways and Times, 1st Historian of Sliinkaa, 0006SC

“Is it not enough, my children, that we gave you a whole planet twice the size of mother Earth to claim as your own? Is it not enough that you have twelve continents to explore and wiggle your roots deeply into and nurture future generations of Humarans? Must you covet the neighbors land when you have enough to make any ancient human roll in their graves? On this day of endless bloodshed and depravity, let the adage of ‘The Grass is Greener on the Other Side of the Fence’ go the way of the Dinosaur, the Dodo and the Humans.“ ~Elinor Deluwith, Chief of Terraforming, A.C.E. Phoenix, Keeper of Technology, Goddess. 0020SC *War of Towers*

From the pages of the last surviving copy of The Ways and Times of Sliinkaa – Volume 1, by Sharon Inkwell:

It was said that in the myths of time and the ancient campfire stories of Earth, that a God created everything in seven days and made man on the sixth day before God rested on the seventh. A God had given man everything he could ever want, even a woman to comfort and please him. Yet that man and his descendants over time failed to give back to the God what was owed and thus embarked mankind on a never ending journey of doing whatever he wanted to do. So too, it would seem that Humarans were given much and gave back little to those who provided everything to them. So few Pilgrims remember who gave us all the soil we tread and plow or the air we breathe or the water we drank and use. This arrogance was not a sudden apparition in the night; or a serpent speaking to the first man and woman on Earth to eat forbidden fruit. This arrogance was a seed planted deep in Humarans when we first stepped onto the fertile, fresh soil of Sliinkaa; right into the waiting veiled cattle lots for re-education and lotterization, Pilgrims now property of the Pilgrim Initiative Act and the Sliinkaa Omni-Corporation that was devised by the A.C.E. Phoenix’s staff. They were methods to give meaning and structure to Pilgrims with too much freedom and unstructured potential.

The staff of the A.C.E. Phoenix could never know what would or could happen upon a planet full of life, unspoiled, untainted by the layers of Human and Humaran atrocities that were wrought upon Old Earth; the millenniums of abuse wrought upon a planet from evolutionary progress in science and technology all gone, reset and never existing. Humarans had thought we’d found paradise at last and that the prior trapping of government, societal boundaries and the poisons of a materialistic life were gone, the Utopian Dream come to reality. We were sorely wrong. Those who piloted and commanded the A.C.E. Phoenix woke us up by droves from the stasis chambers and began the force re-education of us all before we were dispatched in crowded shuttles upon Sliinkaa. Once we were colonists, Humarans, now we were labeled Pilgrims.

We were all taught the name of our planet; it was Sliinkaa. We learned that the trinity of moons was Moresh, Inos and Arid. The heavenly bodies about us were the asteroid fields called the Juggernaut’s Garden and the Atlas’ Train and that we had two suns now, Leo the dominant sun and Linus the weaker sun. Many of the colonists had difficulty grasping the concept that time, days, months and years were much longer on Sliinkaa than on Earth. We now had to get used to a 32 hour day, with 16 hours of sunlight and 16 hours of light darkness unless the moons lined up right for total darkness. A standard year was now sixteen months, starting with a long winter season. The winter months they were called Frostden, Colyer, Newend, Endanew, Megerden and Seeden. The spring months were Gentyer and Storyer leading into the summer months with Blooyer, Fireden, Midyer, Monsooyer, First Harvyer and Second Harvyer. The long summer season flowed into fall months of Third Harvyer and Storden before it was winter again with Frostden. Each month was forty days long and each week was eight days in length, the days were called by some of the Greek Alphabet in some manner of perverse scientific humor. The week started with Alphase, Betase, Gammase, Deltase, Etase, Thetase, Sigmase and ended with Omegase. Beyond the time and calendar issues we found the gravity was lighter than Earths; this meant we’d all lose weight but could do more hard work and would have to adjust our diets to intake certain local mutations of Earth vegetation. I digress though in my historic rambling, much of what we knew is what we were all taught in government schools built upon Sliinkaa’s soil.

As Pilgrims, we had learned that our freedom was an illusion. Our new home world had standards and rules that we all had to obey. We all had to agree to give up every bit of technology we had brought from home from phones, cameras, computers, even various clothing articles and medical devices all as well as surrender even simple mechanical things like analog watches were to be left behind on the ship. We all had to accept that if we wanted to kill or protect ourselves, we’d have to use our hands and our homelands gifts to do so, create spears, clubs, bows, arrows and when we could copper, bronze and iron blades. We all had to accept that if we pleased the God and Goddess of Sliinkaa aboard the A.C.E. Phoenix, our forfeited technology may be gifted back to us in dollops of benign favoritism. This illusion was best summed up from speaking with a man that had just finished his stint of Sliinkaa Re-Education before heading into the wilds of Sliinkaa.

”I left Earth believing the promise of President Radgramon that I would wake decades later to have free reign to live as I wished and to do as I wish in paradise. I take a long nap in a fancy tin can and what do I find when I wake up? Rules, rules and more rules; 36 hours to a day, 40 days to a month, 16 months to a year, you are assigned land by your skills and labor profile, whatever you make flows back to the high and mighty Omni-Corporation. All of what I knew as a child is now no longer relevant. Worse, no technology when I work my land, or to keep me and my family safe? Oh, I’m sorry, that was kind of assuming for me to say; I meant when I work Pilgrim Plot 4569, Site GLK, Ahxzim. I can’t even call myself Humaran anymore. I had assumed I could take a shuttle or something and claim my territory wherever I wanted it. Now? You walk up with a ticket in your hand and wait to hear your number called out like a Bingo Game to find out what mystery plot you get? Find out what archaic tools you have to figure out that some ancient Human used. Freedom my fat ass!” ~Fredrick Plotham, Father of Two, Married to Jedine Plotham, Humaran Farmers, Sliinkaa Pilgrims, Residents of Plot #4569, Ahxzim

Thus, Sliinkaa was doled out to all of us as a home in a lotto ticket and a surprise grab bag of ancient history. The assumed wise God, Rordin Deluwith, decreed that one and only one department of specialists from the A.C.E. Phoenix would be used to oversee the colonization and governing of Sliinkaa. The Omni-Corporation (O.C.) was founded on 0005SC, on the 10th of Seeden, Betase. The O.C. was of the sound opinion that the only way to truly govern a massive planet and rule colonists that were use to the ways of old Humanity was to draw up every section of land into hexagonal portions of four acres in each hexagon. Each portion was then itemized, labeled, numbered and entered into a vast database from which a lottery would be run from and colonists would then be assigned land. Each colonist, they decreed would receive supplies and protection from the O.C. should they refrain from killing each other and tithe back to the O.C. a third of any products made or grown to be redistributed to all Pilgrims in an even, socialistic fashion as labor and product would be set as the standard for currency of the land. Thus was born the global nation of Omni-Corporation, where all who were close to the original crew of the A.C.E. Phoenix retained technology and could see all, hear all, reach all and govern all with speed and a modern sedentary lifestyle.

Peace and shallow civility reigned it would seem for 10 years. Murder still came on swift wings as tempers rose from Omni-Corporation and their taxes and redistribution of wealth. The decree that no man can kill another by means other than his hands or materials worked from the land in no way stemmed the tide of murder to come. Many colonists felt vexed and betrayed by how the O.C. was put into power over them and how they were prevented from claiming the land they truly wanted. We Humarans, just like Humans, often detested having a ruling body over them that they could not have any influence upon. The majority of Pilgrims that felt that the O.C. was the right choice and valued their protecting them by providing housing, security and sustenance organized into the Pillars of Omni-Corporation in the year of 0011SC. Their fundamental principle was that without O.C. as the foundation for a new, unified and peaceful Sliinkaa that all Pilgrims would be damned to the chaos and violence that Humarans and Humans had been doomed to repeat.

The minority of Pilgrims that felt the O.C. was just another controlling body of bureaucrats fashioned in the same greed as its predecessors on Old Earth found leadership in Kyle Radgramon. Kyle Radgramon, the last living her of Dr. Logan Radgramon, few would have ever imagined that blood line had survived the hells of Old Earth and the chaos that Logan Radgramon had wrought. Yet here was a sole heir, alive and rallying a cause just like his fore father. Kyle Radgramon led a small crusade to form a revolution to overthrow all dependence on a worldwide government that Omni-Corporation enforced. His crusade was a small spark that ignited a wild fire beyond his control. The Hammer of Aethar organization rose from this crusade and it was based upon the acts of the Knights of Aethar from Old Earth; the very knights that made the vaults of Terra Exodae. These acts were their tenants for rebelling against the Pillars of Omni-Corporation and seeking to provide true freedom and peace for Humaran’s unfettered by a single, ruling government; to take back the name Humaran and wear it proudly. Thus in the year 0012SC, the Hammer of Aethar was formed upon the continental Pilgrim plots of Ahxzim to liberate plots of land from the Pillars of Omni-Corporation Pilgrims and open their government blinded eyes from the evil light of O.C. to look upon the light of true freedom.

This began the 38 year War of Towers that raged across vast Sliinkaa Pilgrim plots. Many Pilgrims were killed if they would not abandon their absolute blind faith in the teachings and rules of the O.C. Some, who still held a ground in belief of the O.C. but broken in spirit, were spared and enslaved to work the growing lands taken under claim of self proclaimed, Holy Knights. These Holy Knights championed the causes and freedoms of the Hammer of Aethar while amassing territories unto themselves like petty tyrants. A serf of a Caronga Apple Plantation, from the Mud Caste, while stripping and pulping the fruit into a fibrous mash for livestock, was overhead one day saying to a travelling member of the Husbandry Caste:

”That is very odd of you to ask about my allegiance to Lord Cristovell. Now, do I hate my sovereign lord, the Holy Knight Cristovell for taking me as a slave to work his crops? I do. I hate him with every part of my being as I watched my uncle, a hired hunts man working for Cristovell, he slew my father while out tending the fences on our ranch in Pahxzim. As my father lay dying with many steel arrows sprouting from his belly, he gazed upon us, his children, all six of us being chased by men wearing steel armor; as they rode upon the six legged Steedbras, catching us, collaring us and paying my uncle in hard Gemite. That day I sorely hated Cristovell. I hated him as his men took my sisters and mother and raped them repeatedly and sold them into the pleasure houses of his fiefdom. Hated him the day he broke my ankles so I could not run as I entered servitude to the plantation. Hated him for taking away every potential I had in life to be something other than a slave. But it is a cold, tired hate, like that of an old watch dog chained to his post every day and every night of his life. He could hate the master, bite him, betray him, work designs of murder upon him, but in the end, he greets his master with a wagging tail and hung head of broken pride, for the master feeds him, houses him and buries him in the end. It is a rough, abusive kindness, but it is a kindness that gives life and experience of events to come. Unlike the kindness of naked steel thrust into belly or groin, or piercing lance illuminating the mind within the skull. I hate my sovereign lord, the Holy Knight Cristovell, but I also love him for what he gives me.” ~Aron Ruport, Mud Caste, Caronga Apple Plantation, Serf to Holy Knight Cristovell

Many aboard the A.C.E Phoenix would wonder how such a rebellion could have formed if the Pilgrims only had the basic tools of farming and early iron industry at their disposal. Unlike the historical progression of humankind from stone to steel, Humarans had the knowledge of centuries to let them create steel in many forms and to use it in many ways including ancient methods of war. The gun, the tank and the jet fighter may have been relegated to the forbidden technology vaults upon the A.C.E. Phoenix; however the knife, the spear, bows, crossbows, the sword, mace, crushing maul and steel armor were up for grabs. Sliinkaa was plunged from a utopia of ideal socialistic governing into a dark age of conquest and the rule by tyrannical might. History was fated to repeat itself on different worlds and at different times.

Holy Knights of the Hammer of Aethar collected Pilgrims and plots of land at an all consuming rate. The O.C. swiftly lost the upper hand as resources and man power rapidly vanished. They had placed hope upon technology to save them, even faith that the vaunted God and Goddess, high on their thrones of the A.C.E. Phoenix would intercede for them. Yet, God had decreed that Humaran shall kill Humaran by hand with steel and the Hammer of Aethar had not used technology to kill and conquer the colonists. Instead they used steel processed from the lands of Sliinkaa and killed with their hands using knife, sword and spear. The Holy Knights soon set up individual kingdoms all over the continents of Sliinkaa, areas where the Omni-Corporation had no more power to overthrow and govern. By 0050SC, on the 12th of Third Harvyer, Deltase the last O.C. stronghold was raided and destroyed, bringing the Pillars of Omni-Corporation to its knees. The Hammer of Aethar may have won the battle for ruling Sliinkaa land, but the Pillars of Omni-Corporation lived on in many Humarans and would rise again in the distant future of Sliinkaa.


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