Humaran Caste System

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Humaran Caste System

Post by Fleetwolf on Fri Jul 14, 2017 1:57 pm

(Work in Progress)

A rough Humaran Caste System Breakdown:

(Anyone without a DNA Trace back to key Crew Member of the A.C.E. Phoenix ship or Key Historical Families from Old Earth Humaran History would be sorted here.)

(Updated: 4-28-17)
Allegiant - Messengers
Ancillary - Servants / Staff
Bearer - Burials / Body Care
Chisel - Stone Cutters
Crimson - Care Takers / Midwives
Damned - Slave Soldiers
Droll - Miners / Expendables
Dung - Waste Management
Fingers - Locksmiths / Key Keepers
Hands - Crafters of Raw Material
Husbandry - Animal Care / Herding
Keepers - Scribes / Clerical / Historians
Mud - Land Working / Farming
Polisher - Crafters of Unrefined Precious Stones
Refined - Smelters / Finishers / Converters of Raw Material
Tooth - Mechanics

(More to be added I am sure as my brain chews on it.)

A rough DNA/Blood Line Royalty Ranking:
(How Nobility or 'Pure Bloods' are ranked and categorized in the upper ranks of Humaran Society. Low rank meant you have trace DNA markers to some other Noble that has a stronger arrangement of DNA markers to the key Crew Member of the A.C.E. Phoenix ship or Key Historical Families from Old Earth Humaran History. A Low Rank would get you a barely noticeable position within the courts of Nobility and walks the fine line of falling in disfavor and falling to the Caste System and forgotten by the Nobility all together. Dilute rank is anyone that had the misfortune of being related to colonists/pilgrims on the A.C.E. Phoenix Ship that was of no importance, just someone usable in some fashion or skill. Tainted rank does not even measure or afford placement in the Caste system. The exiled, the detestable, the outcast, or the bio-engineered are ranked as Tainted. Tainted rank is considered barely worth allowed to live outside of severe menial labor or expendable bodies for some violent purpose or entertainment. All engineered humanoid creatures by Humarans are permanently locked into Tainted Rank.)

Pure - Before the down fall of the A.C.E. Phoenix, Direct Clones
Royal - 100% to 95% of all Genetic Markers are present
High - 94% to 85% of all Genetic Markers are present
Mid-High - 84% to 75% of all Genetic Markers are present
Middle - 74% to 65% of all Genetic Markers are present
Mid-Low - 64% to 55% of all Genetic Markers are present
Low - 54% to 1% of all Genetic Markers are present
Dilute - 0% of all Genetic Markers are present
Tainted - concentration of of Human DNA is less than 60%

More elaboration to come. The Tainted to Low Ranking is the heavy key notes for the coming tides of much of the history. Pure ranks, to note, have an impact as well for a long duration even after the ship crashed. Most of your ruling and high officials of state or government were in either the Royal, High or Mid-High ranks. Most Military and low power positions of the state were Middle rank to Mid-Low rank often to insure valuable Gene Pools were not needlessly lost or wasted.


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