Humaran Governmant Structure

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Humaran Governmant Structure

Post by Fleetwolf on Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:03 pm

Witch of the Cirus Star:
The Witch of the Cirus Star, is a highest rank and title bestowed upon the Pure female descendant of the original Elinor Deluwith from the A.C.E. Phoenix. Each descendant was a direct clone of the Humaran Chief of Terraforming, the last known Humaran woman to possess an fully intact Unicorn Matrices for casting, using and harnessing magic like the old battle mages from Ancient Earth. Each iteration of the Witch of the Cirus Star is considered akin to 'Divine Mother of All' or 'Royal Queen' or 'Monarch'.

The Witch of the Cirus Star is considered the final authority on all decisions and actions taken by the Humaran Nation. Nothing is done without her approval. This is, however, sometimes to her disfavor as often times much goes on in the lower levels of governance that are never seen by the eyes of the Witch of the Cirus Star and thus, the approval is often falsely used to fuel and provide further ill gains or hostile military goals.

As to why the Cirus Star is part of the title, it is rumored and believed that each descendant draws the radioactive energy from the light waves cast by the Cirus Star near the solar system that Sliinka inhabit to fuel their Unicorn Matrices for magic. Validity in this claim is a royal secret, though some say each Pure descendant has gone through natural evolutionary adjustments to absorb the abundant radiation from Sliinkaa as well as Leo and Linus, the twin suns.

High Council:
The High Council, one would think, would be a collective of elected royal bloods to lead the lands every breathing moment when the Witch of the Cirus Star was considered above such trivial nonsense. The High Council, was not a group of elected royal bloods, but more or less the continued blood lines and even Pure descendants of the Chief Staff from the A.C.E. Phoenix that were put into place to bring the Humaran Nation into firm order when the era of Masters and Slaves dawned as the A.C.E. Phoenix crashed from the heavens, bringing the self-proclaimed technological gods to their knees to live among the rest of the savages. The only way to be on the High Council is by birth and lineage from the existing High Council members and their families. Every marriage is scrutinized and sterilized if a threat to power is felt.

Tower of Aethar:
The Tower of Aethar is the military arm of the Humaran Nation. They are the sole proprietors of the Humaran Martial Machine and a fine machine they built using both common soldiers, basic but durable combat machinery and equipment and with much arm twisting and brow beating, the insertion of magic using soldiers as a joint effort with the Tower of Research and Magic.

Pillars of the Omnipotent:
The Pillars of the Omnipotent are the last remnants of the once proud Omni-Corporation that the Tower of Aethar smashed for control of Sliinkaa. Where they had once been a ruling government body with some military might, Omni-Corporation latched onto the emergence of the arcane and the mythological powers emerging in Sliinkaa from the fall of the A.C.E. Phoenix and the emergence and establishment of the Witch of the Cirus Star as well as the Tower of Research and Magic. Omni-Corporation did a metaphorical and literal transformation into the largest foundation and religious council of many occult practices that many of the Humaran's had taken up in the wake of the Tower of Aethar's conquest of continents and leaving them to fall back into a power vacuum of survival of the fittest.

Tower of Research and Magic:
The Tower of Research and Magic, founded with the intentions of reviving and adapting the Alicorn, Unicorn, Archangel, Liger, Juggernaut and Atlas Matrices to work with the energy fields of Sliinkaa, her suns, and the spacial radiation that abounded around them. This lead to the adaptation, insertion and blossoming of magic, alien to Sliinkaa, but all to familiar to Humarans from Earth. Alas, many sought to use this for military power and sedentary life, much to the chagrin of the Tower of Research and Magic. Their goals was to establish the matrices to a more noble and symbiotic function in the world with more peaceful intentions. Much of their research was oft misused for more violent and darker workings.

Shepherds of the Seasons:
The Shepherds of the Seasons are a group of mages that exist in part, due to the Tower of Research and Magic and their research. These mages can affect weather patterns across the globe, with the approval of the Witch of the Cirus Star, and will often attend petitions from various leaders to increase rain or favorable conditions for crops or to make terrain a disaster for war campaigns.

The Caste Council:
The Caste Council is truly the only wholly elected body of councilors to oversee the various strata of Castes in the Humaran Nation as they work to serve and better the lives of the Humaran Royal Bloods.


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