Evolutionary Difference Between Sliinkaa and Moresh

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Evolutionary Difference Between Sliinkaa and Moresh

Post by Fleetwolf on Sat Jul 15, 2017 11:30 am

An Evolutionary Difference Between Sliinkaa and Moresh:

If someone lives among their own planet, it is easy for them to erroneously assume that the species they encounter on their planet could be the same or strikingly similar to the variety on say the orbiting moon of their planet. No greater deviation and challenge to this notion can be seen between the species diversity of the planet Sliinkaa and the gas moon Moresh that orbits Sliinkaa. Until the future eras of advanced stargazing and space exploration few on either heavenly bodies would realize the evolutionary differences that came into play to make the inhabitants so different. A side by side view then is looked at here.

((Take this study with a large grain of salt as the term 'Evolution' will refer to an unnatural force of change in all genetic materials to promote better survival from a non-celestial or myth bound 'being of high power and divinity'. AKA - Human ingenuity run amok or wielded in self-appointed 'god like' delusions.))

Cause of Evolutionary Impact or Event Horizon:

The cause of a variety of living and breathing species to even exist upon Sliinkaa and Moresh was not by 'natural evolution' of either heavenly body. At best, Sliinkaa had the potential for one celled organisms locked under its barren, water laden crusts in a vacuum of space. Moresh even less usability being more or less a dense methane gas moon with a dense core of undetermined composition. This said, the X-Factors for the Entry Evolution or Event Horizon on both planet and moon was outside influence by the Humaran A.C.E. Colonization Ships.

Each ship had a massive arsenal and array of terraforming and atmospheric generating technology aboard along with a full archived vault of DNA samples of all known Earth species alive and extinct. The majority of this terraforming was from using a crystal like technology that could reconstruct organic and inorganic matter into desired mass and cause rapid replication to occur allowing rapid if not unwieldy creation like actions to be had on targeted planetoids.

Once a breathable and sustainable atmosphere was managed by use of oxygen generation from specialized processing facilities, floral life would be inserted into the lands with the initial seeds being rapid growth first generation samples. Any samples that failed would be immediately analyzed and genetically modified to account for any alien anomalies in the terraformed planet that would be impacting an Earth pure strain. From there, the rapid generation would taper off as each coming generation lost the rapid growth cycles from built in inhibitor enzymes that slowed and eventually mutated the rapid growth cycle out of the plant life. Once the atmosphere was sustainable by plant life, the processing facilities are shut down, broken down and recycled for building facilities to come while the fauna are sorted out the same way until Humarans have an inhabitable planet to settle. Rarely, Humarans will often have t modify their own Logan Matrices to adapt to alien contamination they could not anticipate or encountered before as they explored the stars.

Driving Needs or Utility of Custom Evolutionary Diversity of Sentient Species:

As was established above, the routine or 'By the Books' colonization of a planet by Humarans directly affects normally uninhabitable planetoids and is contained wholly to modifying flora and fauna to adjust and produce near Earth like replicas. What is not said is a little clause often only the Chief Crew of each A.C.E. Colonization Ship is privy to. Should colonization of a planetoid need to be hastened or deemed an emergency activation, normal guidelines may be ignored and the Captain and Chief Terraformer are given full authority in the directions they take.

How is this relevant with Sliinkaa and Moresh? How indeed... Before the A.C.E. Schrodinger, Phoenix and Logan's Dream came to Ursa Major by way of malfunctioning Shunt Drives. Four much smaller ships were successfully sent into space. A.C.E. Liberty, Queen, Romana and Amsterdam. This lead to successful recreations of near Ancient Earth like planets in the Taurus and Cancer constellations. Unbeknown to Sliinkaa and Moresh, these other colonies have no Anthropomorphized species that exist.

So what caused the changes with these two colonies? A third colony is rumored to exist, but no one has yet to build a space vessel sturdy enough to make it to Inos and see if anyone did truly survive from the A.C.E. Schrodinger. Back to the point. This trio of ships had fled an ancient Earth that was almost free of it's death spirals of hate and wars but the fell back into what seemed it's last death spasm as militant factions overtook everything and tried to stop the space colonization program. They were vessels full of pilgrims, officials and dreamers on the run, fleeing for their life. A last ditch effort to survive and get off of Earth. Stranded now in a constellation they knew nothing about. Worse, each ship badly damaged, or crashed. Ties and communications back to ancient Earth, unlike with the Taurus and Cancer missions, all lost. This was it. They made it or died.

In Sliinkaa's case, it was colonized by the A.C.E. Phoenix, and was done in a slow fashion as seen in the Humaran Query Logs. They had the time to follow the book step by step with minimal damage to the ship causing critical panic. They even had workable nations and a government. Yet somewhere, they went in and played gods, and made sentient anthropomorphic races. More will come on all of this in the Humaran Query notes and most likely other Query threads or history threads. For the longest time it has puzzled many why they were made. Until review of records proved an overlooked fact. The wars that took hold of the Humarans to wrest control from each other just like Humans did in Ancient Earth distracted them from a more sinister enemy.

No one is native to Sliinkaa, at least not for thousands of generations and natural evolution playing on genetics. Humarans hit a disease even their own modified Human genetics began to lose to. Sterility arose. Life spans shortened. Scientists begged and pleaded their technological gods above for a cure, an answer, anything, and so by their 'god like hands' the A.C.E. Phoenix dropped upon Sliinkaa Anthropomorphic races, modified and engineered to survived the world where the Humaran genetics had begun to fail. They were to be the workers, the slaves, the warriors, the low and expendable while a cure was worked on to restore and rejuvenate the Humaran's once more. A genetically created, living stop gap created in a 'throw away' mindset with every anthro made given a soul and mind.

Switch views to Moresh, the gas moon orbiting Sliinkaa. The A.C.E. Logan's Dream had no time to sit for nearly a century or two and follow things by the book. The ship was on a crash course with the moon in a death orbit. So a rapid, terraforming event was set into motion during the several days the ship was pulled from the heavens and escape pods and whole stasis sections were jettisoned for safety. The best records anyone has on the Event Horizon of Moresh' terafforming is that the crystal tech lasers were still flashing and flaring as the ship rushed eagerly for the gas moon. Terraforming machines were dropped all over rising, barren mountains that were thrusting up from bellow the methane seas, evidence of the crystal tech hitting the dense core.

From that point on. Life on Moresh has been one of discovery, recovery and working to make things work as the survivors of the Logan's Dream recovered as much of the Logan's Dream as the could from the mountains and the shallowest parts of the methane seas by fishing about with nets and cranes. However, evolutionary changes and species introduction was not planned. Survivors began to mutate over the course of decades, as the main teraforming cores of the ship lie at the heart of the moon, still active and working away, always changing and rippling out energy that escapes from time to time. Thus, anthropomorphic creatures evolved from Humarans in various geographical areas were Humaran DNA and the wild, randomly mutated creatures of Earth that had come life from the emergency terraforming started to form manipulative zones that impacted the genes of Humarans living those areas. Over time, these zones stabilized and vanished as some say the Logan's Dream is theoretically near the end of it's fuel capacity, thus Moresh stabilized, allowing civilization to flourish in a very Victorian, steam punkish way.

This said, Sliinkaa's anthropomorphic species were built for purpose and utility. Moresh' anthropomorphic species were semi-naturally occurring based on geographic region and available wild life.

Cause and Effect of Species Diversity:

The direct Cause and Effect on Sliinkaa and Moresh by the nature of these Species Diversity is readily seen.

Sliinkaa: A rapid insertion of cheap labor and expendable war fodder has lead the entire planet to now accept a massive population that did not go along with desired sentiments Humarans wished. In their weakened conditions and numbers, it was only a matter of time before the 'Anthros' all rebelled, refused to be disposable and pushed the Humarans themselves almost to the point of extinction. This lead to the domino effect of Humarans trying to make better disposable, but loyal soldiers to crush the 'Anthros' leading to the creation of the last know Humaran made set of species, the 'Lupinossai'. However, this failed as well as anything with a soul and a mind will not provide complete obedience as long as it has free well.

Moresh: Rapid mutations all across the rapidly changing mountain ranges of Moresh turned the fact of being an 'Anthro' into a blessing of adaptation instead of a 'curse' of stuck with only Ancient Earth genetics. Often seen as Humarans suffering the cruelty of fate, 'Anthros' have often been at war, with their varied nations with Tarnans (Humarans on Moresh) to prove they are not species to be pitied and put out of their misery. Every battle, skirmish, or day that is had of discovery, tinkering and success moves every species on Moresh to a higher level of technical and mental prowess over the other, keeping Moresh moving in an ever flowing social, commerce and governmental dance.

Ongoing Evolutionary Echoes:

As future eras of Sliinkaas progress, the natural evolution of genetics begins win over more and more of the Humaran meddling of Anthro genetics. Many manhandled and forced traits with the Logan's Matrices are naturally pruned away with bloodlines or perfected as only nature can leading to more exotic and breath taking forms for the Anthro's and even the Humarans as they move once more like their Ancestors, into Space.

Moresh has not seen much in the way of evolutionary progress in the spanning eras it has faced. This could be due to the single fact that much of what has caused it to have diverse species to begin with was by natural selection and not sentient direction. Only time will tell with Moresh.

Who will know what may happen when Moresh and Sliinkaa begin to trade and travel among each others territories with their inhabitants. Who knows what is out in Space? Who know what became of the A.C.E. Schrodinger on Inos or the colonies of Taurus and Cancer. Did Ancient Earth finally become a barren, nuclear rock? Many questions, so little time to seek out answers.


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