Factions of Sliinkaa

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Factions of Sliinkaa

Post by Fleetwolf on Sat Jul 15, 2017 11:35 am

(Still a Work in Progress)

Factions that still exist on Sliinkaa up through peace time eras:

Anthro Coalition of Sliinkkaa
Roughly comprises the territories of:
the Felinae on the continent of Chantere
the Caninae and Minotae of the continent of Pairus
the Machae on the continent of Yinda

Strands of the Leviathan
Roughly comprises the territories of:
the Lapae on the continent of Nolnare
the Ursae on the continent of Solnase
the Rodae on the continents of Tenk and Voros
mixed colonies on the continent of Yester Wende

Grand Herd of Fire and Hoof
Roughly comprises the territories of:
the Equae and Dracon upon the continents of Romare, Alna, Grahar and Lonare

Home Fire Alliance
Roughly comprises colonies from every nation of Anthro's (Lupinossai excluded, being not created yet) all settled upon the continent of Ahxzim to watch over the their former slave masters, the Humarans.

Seeds of the Stars
The once proud remnants of the Humarans not giving up yet, fortified and dug in deep into the continent of Humara. Home of the rebuilt military might of the Humaran military, the Legions of Steel and Blood.

Coalition of Shepherds
Once the isolation is broken and open treaties and trade begins, the nation of the Lupinossai spread and the world of Sliinkaa knows swiftly of the Coalition of Shepherds as the Lupinossai do as they were intended. Settle disputes and resolve the world into a forward, peaceful moving unity towards the stars. Consists of the Nation of Lupinossai on the the continent of Lupinoss and a former test site known as Beta Site, the archaic name kept intact as homage to their unnatural existence and introduction to the world.


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